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Elections 14-03-2020

Britons in Europe are disenfranchised while their EU counterparts’ rights hang in the balance

The French municipal elections which will take place on 16 March are the first since President Macron was elected and an important test of his popularity. They are also the first set of municipal elections in which British citizens in France will be unable to vote.
Brexit 16-10-2019

No escape from the hostile environment

The UK's offer of settled status to EU citizens may have seemed like a change of tack in its migration policy but there are many causes for anxiety, writes Roger Casale.
Brexit 10-07-2017

UK offer is far from what citizens are entitled to

The European Parliament’s political leaders and Brexit Steering Committee members condemn the UK’s “damp squib” of an offer on the rights of EU citizens and insist they will refuse to endorse a Brexit deal that strips EU citizens of their acquired rights.
Brexit 17-06-2016

Why leaving the EU would be complicated for the UK

A withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union would ultimately end up frustrating certain legitimate expectations of EU citizens, writes Thomas Burri.

Domestic violence begins at home, combating it begins in Europe

Not assisting or protecting victims of violence is a cost for society. New rules to be adopted in the Parliament this  week will allow women assaulted in one country to be equally protected when they travel elsewhere in the Union. This is a landmark decision that proves Europe stands by its citizens, write Viviane Reding and Antonio López-Istúriz.

UK policy on Romanian, Bulgarian students is illegal

The policy of denying Bulgarian and Romanian students employment in Britain is unfair. But that’s not the real issue. The point is it is breaching EU law too, says Galina Kostadinova.
Future EU 12-09-2007

Distribution of seats in the European Parliament

In this paper for the Robert Schuman Foundation, Thierry Chopin and Jean-François Jeannet explore the available options for distributing seats in the European Parliament, aiming to determine which best satisfies both democratic and diplomatic issues.

Strengthening EU citizens’ rights abroad

This paper, published by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), outlines the necessity of reviewing the diplomatic and consular protection rights of EU citizens, enshrined in Article 20 of the European Community Treaty. The document is based on the CEPS response to the Commission's Green Paper on the diplomatic and consular protection of EU citizens in third countries, adopted in November 2006.