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EU law goes digital

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Legal practitioners have so far stayed relatively immune from the digital revolution. But the situation is starting to evolve as technology issues enter the courtroom – from privacy protection to company law.
Trade & Society 26-04-2007

MEPs back criminal sanctions for counterfeiters

The Parliament has narrowly backed a historical but controversial Directive that would force member states to harmonise their penal codes - for the first time ever - in order to combat counterfeiting and piracy across Europe.
Security 16-02-2006

Law on cross-border disputes to be simplified

The new proposal on an EU-framework for negligence claims will not cover defamation or libel.
Security 16-03-2005

New procedure to ease recovery of small debts

Life will be easier for citizens trying to recover small debts under a newly proposed European small claims procedure.
Security 11-06-2004

Commission stresses relevance of European law in civil matters

The European Commission and the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Union have launched an information campaign targeted at Europe's legal practitioners.