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Civil unrest has doubled, and COVID-19 could make things worse

Civil unrest has doubled in the past decade as citizens protest against issues ranging from economic hardship and police brutality to political instability, according to this year’s Global Peace Index. The COVID-19 pandemic could make things worse. “The economic downturn...
Global Europe 11-05-2015

Violence in Albanian region deepens Macedonian crisis

Macedonia said on Sunday (10 May) that its police had wiped out a group of ethnic Albanian "terrorists" in a day-long gun battle that left at least 22 people dead at a moment of deep political crisis in the former Yugoslav republic.
Europe's East 21-01-2014

Ukraine’s Yanukovich enacts ‘dictatorship’ laws

Tough anti-protest laws hastily passed by the Ukrainian parliament last week were enacted today (21 January) with their publication in the official journal, despite protestors and the EU calling for Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich to drop the legislation.
Elections 20-05-2010

EU mediators try to save Albania from political chaos

The leaders of the two largest political groups in the European Parliament will receive Albania's prime minister and main opposition leader for dinner in Strasbourg tonight (20 May), in an attempt to prevent the country from slipping into political chaos.