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The EU’s state aid regime is upside down

The European Commission’s approach to state aid is contradicting green recovery ambitions. While the EU recovery programme is focused on the Green Deal, national subsidy schemes are pouring money all across the economy without clear ecological focus, writes Claude Turmes.
Transport 20-04-2018

How Europe can regain industrial championship in clean mobility

Chinese manufacturers have built an impressive production network in Europe and are winning pure electric car and bus tenders in cities like Turin, Amsterdam and London. In Europe, the Clean Vehicles Directive can help make up for the time lost, argues Claude Turmes.
Energy 17-05-2017

Stronger together: The EU’s energy and climate governance

Governance is not about imposing new obligations to member states. It is about mobilising and coordinating all relevant actors, including cities and regions. Europe is changing. Europe is greening. Let’s embrace this change rather than falter, write Michèle Rivasi and Claude Turmes.
Northern Sea
Energy 15-01-2016

The North Sea: The untapped powerhouse of Europe

If the EU is to reap the benefits that the northern seas have to offer, a concerted effort is required both by the European institutions and the member states, write Claude Turmes, Theresa Griffin and Jeppe Kofod.
Climate change 23-02-2015

Does Juncker really want the EU to become “the world number one” on renewables?

The Commission needs political courage to promote a dynamic domestic market for renewables. Is Mr Juncker up to the task? asks Claude Turmes.
Energy 23-05-2013

Why EU leaders defeated BusinessEurope on energy

Despite deploying lobbyists and spending several hundred thousands of euros to derail Europe's energy and climate policy ahead of this week's Summit, BusinessEurope – the employers' umbrella organisation - did not succeed in integrating their campaign into the Summit's conclusions, writes Claude Turmes.
Trade & Society 22-05-2013

Germany’s unfair practice in the field of energy intensive industries

When Heads of State meet today (22 May) and discuss energy policy they will remain silent on one of the key problems in the EU internal electricity market, writes Claude Turmes.
Energy 19-06-2008

Resource crises: Should we strike a deal with the dealers?

The current high prices for oil and foodstuffs are indicators of an imminent crisis in the world economic order, which fails to internalise ecological limits and resource scarcity, says Luxembourg Green MEP Claude Turmes.

‘Myth and realities’ behind industry lobbying on climate change

The EU's energy intensive industries are trying to get a "free lunch" in the EU's climate change agenda by making false claims and creating excessive "hype" about the threat of delocalisation or "carbon leakage", writes Green MEP Claude Turmes ahead of the upcoming Council summit.