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Technology 04-06-2015

Can Google, Uber, BlaBlaCar and Zipcar make mobility cleaner?

Uber, Google, Nokia, Zipcar and BlaBlaCar are planning a radically different transport system, revolutionized by the internet, mobile phones and autonomous, electric driving, writes William Todts.
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Transport 29-05-2015

Car makers gear up for next round of CO2 emission cuts

As the EU prepares for tough negotiations on reducing CO2 emissions from cars post-2020, industry lobbyists, green campaigners and the European Commission alike seem to agree on one thing: deeper emission cuts from road transport will require a more “holistic” approach.
Transport 26-02-2014

Driving down vehicle emissions post-2020

A vote in the European Parliament this week finalised CO2 targets for new cars in 2020. But the agreement also highlights a policy-chasm in plans to reduce emissions from vehicles after 2020, writes Greg Archer.
Transport 27-11-2013

EU agrees new deadline on car emissions limits

The European Union on Tuesday (26 November) agreed a new compromise that delays stricter rules on carbon dioxide emissions for EU cars, ending months of wrangling after Germany insisted on tearing up an earlier deal.
Transport 30-10-2013

EU presidency proposes new weakening of car emissions rules

Lithuania, holder of the EU presidency, has made a new proposal to weaken rules on how much carbon new cars can emit from 2020, in line with demands from Germany and its luxury manufacturers, EU diplomats said.
Transport 15-04-2013

Ivan Hoda?: ‘We have reconciled ourselves to the 95g CO2 target’

Europe's car industry has reconciled itself to EU plans to limit emissions from cars to 95 grams of CO2 per km (g/km), and from vans to 147 g/km, Ivan Hoda?, secretary-general of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, tells EURACTIV.
Transport 15-04-2013

ACEA: 2013 will ‘probably be worst year for car sales’

EXCLUSIVE / This year is likely to be the worst on record for car sales in the European market because of the recession, said Ivan Hoda?, head of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association ACEA.
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Transport 12-03-2013

EU’s clean transport dream faces familiar speed bumps

Plans to kick-start Europe’s low carbon vehicles industry with a huge infrastructure package ran into retro roadblocks at a meeting of EU transport ministers yesterday (11 March), with member states bemoaning the use of public funds to reach ambitious targets.
Transport 12-03-2013

EU’s clean transport dream faces familiar speed bumps

Plans to kick-start Europe’s low carbon vehicles industry with a huge infrastructure package ran into retro roadblocks at a meeting of EU transport ministers yesterday (11 March), with member states bemoaning the use of public funds to reach ambitious targets.
Transport 11-03-2013

VW and Daimler spark surprise green cars beauty contest

Chemical companies and EU governments alike have been outflanked by major green initiatives announced by car companies at this week’s Geneva motor show.
Transport 18-01-2013

Green cars legislation faces ‘dilution’, says Irish presidency

Tough new EU carbon dioxide emissions targets for cars are facing "dilution" due to heavy pushback from member states with strong auto-industry lobbies, such as Germany, according to an Irish presidency source, who was speaking on condition of anonymity at a press briefing on 16 January.
Climate change 28-11-2012

Greens urge Brussels to slam brakes on ‘super credits’ for low-emission cars

The EU’s proposal to grant “super credits” to carmakers for low-emission vehicles threatens to add at least 10g of CO2 per kilometre to the EU’s 2020 target, say Green groups and other transport stakeholders.
Transport 20-09-2012

Peugeot chief calls for Brussels to legislate on electric cars

SPECIAL REPORT / The head of PSA Peugeot Citroën’s electric vehicles and mobility projects has called for the European Commission to legislate common tax and regulatory measures for electric cars across the continent.
Brexit 20-09-2012

UK MPs call for more ambitious electric car grant scheme

Britain needs a more ambitious programme to encourage the uptake of low-carbon vehicles because sales of the cars have disappointed, a committee of British MPs said today (20 September).
Transport 08-06-2012

EU gears up CO2 car targets for 2025, 2030

Brussels is poised to set two new carbon emissions targets that all new cars will need to meet by 2025 and 2030, as well as a standard of 95 grams of CO2 emissions per km (g/km) for 2020, according to a draft regulation seen by EURACTIV.
Climate change 26-03-2012

Tajani backs away from 2025 fuel efficiency fight

A recent moratorium on new legislation in the automobile sector announced by the European Industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani will not apply to CO2 standards in cars, EURACTIV has learned.
Transport 22-08-2011

Japanese hybrids top German ‘green car’ list

Four Toyota and Lexus hybrid petrol-electric vehicles were awarded top slots in the 2011/2012 edition of Verkehrsclub Deutschland's (Traffic Club of Germany; VCD) Environmental Car List, published on 18 August.
Transport 26-05-2010

Ministers give go-ahead to electric vehicle standardisation

EU ministers have called for the rapid development of a European standard for electric vehicles to speed up their uptake, with France and Germany leading requests for EU finance to fund pilot projects.
Climate change 21-04-2010

France awaits clearer EU strategy on e-cars

France's ambitious national strategy on electric cars is awaiting a clearer position from the European Union, EURACTIV France reports.
Public Affairs 04-03-2010

Commission’s Porsche letters under EU scrutiny

The European Commission has come under fire from the EU Ombudsman for failing to produce letters it received from carmaker Porsche AG four years ago when it consulted interested parties on EU legislation to cut CO2 emissions from cars.
Transport 24-08-2009

Blair: Climate efforts no reason to give up cars

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair, a contender for the post of the EU's first president, last week (20 August 2009) praised China's low-carbon drive, stressing that low-carbon technology, not giving up car ownership, would pave the way for a sustainable transport future.
Transport 21-08-2009

Germany seeks leadership in electric cars

Germany lawmakers on Wednesday (19 August) approved a plan to put a million electric cars on German roads by 2020, in a bid to become the worlds top market for electric vehicles.

Inventors look to crack electric car conundrum

Researchers grappling with the problem of developing the most fuel-efficient electric cars are using micro-jet turbine engines and 'supercapacity' batteries to help energy-conscious consumers drive further.
Transport 25-11-2008

EU nears deal on car CO2 emissions

The EU is getting closer to reaching an agreement to reduce CO2 emissions from cars, amid speculation that the bloc's car-making countries have struck a deal to lower fines for manufacturers that fail to meet their CO2 targets.