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Energy 20-06-2019

EU Commission documents reveal fund that pays coal lobby staff

Internal EU documents show that a European Commission fund invests €40 million per year into coal research projects. The money also goes towards personnel costs for Europe's main coal lobby organisation.
Energy 07-02-2017

The future of clean coal and Europe’s new geopolitics of energy

Climate change denialism may have swept the Trump Administration, but the fight against global warming and greenhouse gases remains at the top of the agenda for most other international organisations and governments, writes Nicolas Tenzer.
Jerzy Buzek
Climate change 07-12-2015

Jerzy Buzek: ‘Let’s not be hypocrites’ about coal

Poland should continue relying on coal but only at the condition that it uses the newest technologies, says Jerzy Buzek, as COP21 enters its second week.
Energy 18-11-2015

OECD agrees deal to restrict financing for coal technology

Members of the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) struck a deal on Tuesday (17 November) to restrict subsidies used to export technology for coal-fired power plants, ending months of wrangling.
Coal fired power station.
Climate change 17-11-2015

A vanishing prospect: The promise of ‘clean coal’

The future role of coal in the global energy mix remains dependent on CCS becoming a hugely scalable solution, writes P.R. Shukla, and Dr Bert Metz.
Climate change 11-09-2015

France makes a bold move on coal finance: Will other countries follow?

President Hollande announced that France would no longer provide financial support for coal-fired power plants overseas unless they are equipped with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, writes Pascal Canfin.
Climate change 30-07-2015

World Bank rejects energy industry notion that coal can cure poverty

The World Bank said coal was no cure for global poverty on Wednesday (29 July), rejecting a main industry argument for building new fossil fuel projects in developing countries.
Energy 16-03-2015

Pressure on polluters increases as coal industry declines across EU

The coal industry is declining across the European Union according to research published today (16 March).
Energy 27-02-2015

Coal industry stands for progress and prosperity

Outlawing coal, as EU policymakers seem intent on doing, would be a divisive and backwards step for humanity, writes Brian Ricketts.
Development Policy 06-02-2015

France to axe coal subsidies while EU stalls

EXCLUSIVE / The French government intends to end to its support for coal in developing countries. EURACTIV has seen a Commission document that shows that the EU has more modest ambitions. EURACTIV France reports
Energy 15-12-2014

Europe’s coal renaissance ‘was only a dream’, says IEA

Coal demand in Europe has continued to decline after a temporary spike caused by low prices, high gas costs, and the partial shutdown of German nuclear plants, according to research published today (15 December).
Energy 20-08-2014

Watchdog rules Peabody ‘clean coal’ ad misleading

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that an advertisement for “clean coal” by the world’s largest private sector coal firm, Peabody Energy, was misleading and should not be published again in its current form.
Trade & Society 04-06-2014

EU eyes export help for coal-fired power plants

European makers of coal-fired power plants could get financial help to export the equipment, according to a Commission policy paper, flying in the face of environmental opposition to any form of subsidy for coal.
Development Policy 08-05-2014

UK advertising watchdog launches probe into Peabody ‘clean coal’ ad

EXCLUSIVE / The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has launched an investigation into an allegedly misleading advert by Peabody Energy, the world’s largest private sector coal company, which ran under the strapline: ‘Lets brighten the many faces of global energy poverty’.
Energy 25-09-2013

Greens outraged over Polish ‘clean coal’ push at UN climate summit

Poland has been starkly criticised for organising an ‘International Coal and Climate Summit’ to run parallel with the COP19 UN climate change conference it is hosting in Warsaw this November. 
Trade & Society 21-05-2013

Soaring energy costs make Europeans poor

As more people are affected by rising energy costs across Europe it is time for EU leaders to finally re-balance the energy debate and put affordability and security of supply on a par with decarbonisation goals, argues Milton Catelin.
Climate change 07-11-2011

Report questions benefits of coal plant credits

Coal plants in developing countries get billions of euros in climate finance for new projects that do little to reduce CO2 emissions, the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) says in a new report.
Climate change 27-07-2010

China expert: Europe leads race for China clean tech market

European companies still have a stronger foothold in China's growing clean technology market than their American counterparts, Xiaomei Tan, China expert at the World Resources Institute (WRI), told EURACTIV in an interview.
Climate change 27-07-2010

Europe leads race for China clean tech market

European companies still have a stronger foothold in China's growing clean technology market than their American counterparts, according to Xiaomei Tan, China expert at the World Resources Institute (WRI).
Energy 22-06-2009

Germany agrees scaled-down CO2 capture law

Germany's grand coalition government has reportedly agreed to a scaled-down draft law on carbon dioxide storage after conservatives objected to some of the measures.

Climate votes offer missing piece in Chinese coal puzzle

MEPs have voted in support of a multi-billion euro fund to drive the construction of CO2 capture and storage demonstration plants. Coal-dependent China is said to be waiting for Europe to move on the issue, but EU governments are yet to formally back the financing plan.

Uncertainty over CO2 capture in ‘fossil future’

With hundreds of new coal-fired power plants planned within and outside Europe in the coming decades, pressure is growing on the EU to commercialise and export carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies to prevent a massive rise in global CO2 emissions. But difficult financing issues remain unresolved.  

MEP calls for mandatory CO2 capture by 2025

UK Liberal MEP Chris Davies wants all existing fossil fuel power plants to be retrofitted with CO2 capture and storage technology by 2025, and is calling for a moratorium on new plant constructions after 2015 unless the facilities are able to prevent 90% of their CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.
Energy 05-05-2008

Interview: No ‘huge’ CO2 cuts for coal until after 2020

The EU should adopt a strict timeline with mandatory requirements to ensure that all new coal-fired power plants are capturing and storing the CO2 they emit by 2030, says UK Liberal MEP Chris Davies. He spoke to EURACTIV in an interview.