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Jerzy Buzek
Climate change 07-12-2015

Jerzy Buzek: ‘Let’s not be hypocrites’ about coal

Poland should continue relying on coal but only at the condition that it uses the newest technologies, says Jerzy Buzek, as COP21 enters its second week.
Climate change 27-07-2010

China expert: Europe leads race for China clean tech market

European companies still have a stronger foothold in China's growing clean technology market than their American counterparts, Xiaomei Tan, China expert at the World Resources Institute (WRI), told EURACTIV in an interview.

MEP Davies on coal: ‘Big gains’ from CO2 storage after 2020

By 2030, all new coal-fired power plants built in the EU should be using carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology in order to reduce their CO2 impact, UK Liberal MEP Chris Davies told EURACTIV in an interview.
Energy 18-04-2008

Shell: Currently ‘no incentives’ for CCS uptake

Public authorities need to provide the right financial, regulatory and legal framework in order to boost the development of technologies that capture or sequester CO2 produced by coal-fired power plants, according to Shell Vice President Jeremy Bentham and Chief Economist Steven Fries. The pair spoke to EURACTIV following the presentation of Shell's 2008 Energy Scenarios.