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  • MEP Davies on coal: ‘Big gains’ from CO2 storage after 2020

    Interview | Sustainable Development 05-05-2008

    By 2030, all new coal-fired power plants built in the EU should be using carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology in order to reduce their CO2 impact, UK Liberal MEP Chris Davies told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Shell: Currently ‘no incentives’ for CCS uptake

    Interview | Energy 18-04-2008

    Public authorities need to provide the right financial, regulatory and legal framework in order to boost the development of technologies that capture or sequester CO2 produced by coal-fired power plants, according to Shell Vice President Jeremy Bentham and Chief Economist Steven Fries. The pair spoke to EURACTIV following the presentation of Shell's 2008 Energy Scenarios.

  • Interview: Shell wants public money for CO2 sequestration

    News | Energy 18-04-2008

    Shell is pushing for the use of EU taxpayers' money to finance expensive carbon capture and storage technologies as part of efforts to avoid run-away CO2 emissions linked to sky-rocketing global energy demand. Jeremy Bentham, Shell Vice President, and Chief Economist Steven Fries spoke to EURACTIV following the presentation of the company's 2008 Energy Scenarios.

  • EU plans inclusion of CO2 storage in carbon trading scheme

    News | Energy 16-11-2007

    Industrial greenhouse gases prevented from entering the atmosphere through the use of so-called carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology are to be credited as not emitted under the EU emissions trading scheme, according to Commission plans to be put forward next year.

  • IEA warns of ‘runaway’ energy thirst as oil prices soar

    News | Energy 07-11-2007

    China and India's emergence in world energy markets and their massive projected energy needs are the focal points of the International Energy Agency's (IEA) 2007 World Energy Outlook, which calls for a 'radical shift' in investment towards cleaner, more efficient energy technologies. 

  • EU citizens air doubts about ‘clean fossil fuels’

    News | Energy 21-09-2007

    Over two-thirds of respondents to the Commission's public consultation on an EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan are sceptical about the likely contribution of so-called clean fossil fuels, notably carbon storage, to the fight against climate change.

  • The EU’s energy mix: Aiming for diversity

    Special Report | Policy Brief | Sustainable Development 31-08-2007

    Securing a diverse energy mix has been identified as a key policy objective in order to shield Europe from potential external energy crises and achieve supply-security and environmental sustainability in the long term.

  • Coal subsidies maintained until 2010

    News | Energy 22-05-2007

    A Commission report arguing for the preservation of state aid to the coal industry was criticised by environmentalists as a missed opportunity to end subsidies for what they consider the "dirtiest" of all fossil fuels.

  • EU to sign clean coal deal with China

    News | Energy 20-02-2006

    A bilateral agreement to "encourage and develop" the capture and storage of CO2 from coal-fired power stations will take centre stage at the 6th EU-China Energy conference in Shanghai.