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Energy 27-09-2018

Net zero emissions feasible by 2050 if EU economy goes cross-sectoral, new report says

With the European Commission expected to present its mid-century climate plan in November, a report released on Thursday (27 September) shows net zero emissions can only be achieved by 2050 if member states develop more innovative, cross-sectoral, and 'beyond business-as-usual' scenarios.
Transport 18-07-2012

European bicycle lobby set to deliver

More than 30 companies from across Europe have launched a European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF), aimed at improving urban bike deliveries and lobbying for cycle-based delivery policies.
Climate change 21-06-2011

Europe should embrace ‘clean revolution’

Companies have to courageously embrace the clean revolution but political leaders have to be ambitious enough to allow the economic certainty to invest in the technologies of tomorrow in all of the EU member states, writes Steve Howard, chief sustainability officer at IKEA, in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV.