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Energy 23-09-2019

Britain to create £1 bn fund for clean energy technology

Britain will create a £1 billion ($1.25 billion) fund for scientists around the world to create and test new technology to help developing countries reduce carbon emissions, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will say on Monday (23 September).
Batteries 13-06-2019

The EU is creating a sustainability label for raw materials

An EU research group is creating a certification method for raw materials, to be completed by 2021. The project is part of a push to sustainably mine the metals needed for Europe’s clean energy transition. But critics say certification is not the answer.
Transport 09-12-2015

Germany pioneers development of cleantech

Germany is a leader in climate-friendly innovations, with more sustainable-technology patents registered last year than by any other country. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Li Keqiang
Global Europe 29-06-2015

EU ‘slipping down’ China’s clean tech agenda

As the EU-China summit opens in Brussels today (29 June), new research points to a “delivery gap” on clean energy, which is making the EU level less relevant to Beijing than individual member states, or the US.
Brexit 31-03-2011

SMEs lead battle to boost EU exports

An increasing amount of help and advice is given to European companies that wish to sell their goods and services in emerging markets such as China and India, where renewable energy and green technologies are seen as major areas for growth.
Climate change 10-11-2010

EU launches €4.5bn clean energy fund

The European Commission opened competition for the world's biggest investment programme in green technologies yesterday (9 November), in a bid to gain a competitive advantage over the US and China on renewables and carbon capture and storage.
Climate change 04-10-2010

Tinkering with climate policies will backfire, investors warn

Institutional investors have warned European countries that repeated policy changes across the continent are discouraging investment in low-carbon technologies.

EU countries top world ‘green patent’ rankings

While moves to develop an EU patent have intensified with the Belgian presidency, which believes it can reach a consensus by the end of the year, a new study shows that three European countries are among the six nations dominating innovation in the clean energy sector.
Climate change 17-09-2010

German-led research tackles climate sceptics head on

In an attempt to rebalance the debate on global warming, the German research branch of Deutsche Bank has commissioned a report that refutes the claims of climate sceptics.
Climate change 27-07-2010

Europe leads race for China clean tech market

European companies still have a stronger foothold in China's growing clean technology market than their American counterparts, according to Xiaomei Tan, China expert at the World Resources Institute (WRI).
Competition 24-06-2010

EU plans ‘transition subsidies’ for coal sector

The European Commission is planning to prolong subsidies for the coal industry until 2023, in an effort to help the sector's transition to cleaner energy and the eventual closure of mines, EURACTIV has learnt.

Solar firms in ‘horse race’ for technology leadership

David Eaglesham, chief technology officer at First Solar, says all photovoltaic companies are scrambling to make efficiency and cost improvements. But if Europe is to retain its leadership, decisions on a regulatory framework are crucial, he told EURACTIV in an interview.

Europe catches up on clean tech venture investment

Venture capital investment in clean technology continued strongly in 2009 despite the financial crisis, with European investment declining by just 12% as opposed to 42% in North America, according to market researchers Cleantech Group and Deloitte.

State intervention ‘key to green growth’

Tackling climate change while maintaining economic growth requires public intervention to redirect the market forces towards green innovation, according to Bruegel, a Brussels-based think tank.
Energy 04-11-2009

US scholar: ‘Don’t choose clean tech winners too early’

In order to manage the huge task of transforming the current energy system to fit climate considerations, it is important to keep future ground-breaking technology options open while making early emission cuts by using energy more efficiently, Franklin M. Orr, director of the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Development Policy 09-09-2009

Greens urge resource efficiency boost

Europe needs political courage to put resource productivity at the forefront of its post-Lisbon Strategy vision as China and the US are becoming the "big movers" in the ecological modernisation of the global economy, the Greens said yesterday (8 September).
Climate change 03-09-2009

London brokers turn attention to green finance

Bonds providing a hedge against the risk of governments missing their climate commitments could give investors the necessary confidence to invest in low-carbon projects, Professor Michael Mainelli from Z/Yen, a City of London-based risk management firm, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Transport 24-08-2009

Blair: Climate efforts no reason to give up cars

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair, a contender for the post of the EU's first president, last week (20 August 2009) praised China's low-carbon drive, stressing that low-carbon technology, not giving up car ownership, would pave the way for a sustainable transport future.
Energy 15-10-2008

Industry slams EU hydrogen initiative

The European Commission yesterday (14 October) launched a long-term public-private research partnership aimed at accelerating the commercialisation of eco-friendly hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. But industry leaders immediately slammed the initiative's lack of ambition.

UN climate panel making ‘dangerous assumptions’, say scientists

An excessive focus on targets and timetables and the assumption that low-carbon technologies will spontaneously appear are hampering efforts to address climate change, according to a group of North American scientists. 

Financing woes plague EU climate technologies

Discussions between EU policymakers and energy sector stakeholders reveal sharp differences about how, and by whom, expensive CO2 capture and other 'green' technologies should be financed.

EU seeks ‘world leadership’ in energy technologies

On 22 November, the Commission will publish a Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) to help the EU reach targets for renewable energies uptake and CO2 emissions reductions. Brussels hopes the plan will boost a 'clean' technology sector plagued by high costs, market barriers and under-investment.

Cities to exchange experiences with clean urban transport projects

On 9 October, the CIVITAS Forum was launched officially in Brussels. It constitutes a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences among cities participating in the Commission's CIVITAS Initiative.