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Renew MEP Sophie in 't Veld and Chair of the European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee Juan Fernando López Aguilar, raise concerns over the European Commission's response to MEPs over concerns on the use of Clearview AI technology in Europe.
Data protection 03-09-2020

MEPs furious over Commission’s ambiguity on Clearview AI scandal

The European Commission's lack of substantial response to concerns over the use of Clearview AI technology by EU law enforcement authorities has drawn the ire of MEPs on the European Parliament's Civil Liberties committee.
Digital & Media 24-02-2020

EU police plan massive facial recognition database

Police forces in the European Union are planning to establish an interconnected bloc-wide network of facial recognition databases, leaked documents reveal.
Digital & Media 12-02-2020

After Clearview AI scandal, Commission ‘in close contact’ with EU data authorities

The European Commission is in consultation with EU data protection authorities following the news that US technology firm Clearview AI has scraped more than three billion facial images from social media sites including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, without obtaining the permission of users.