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Climate change 18-10-2021

Fiscal reform and why it matters for climate

The EU's economic governance must drive climate action for a just transition, not austerity, writes Isabelle Brachet.
Climate change 28-02-2018

Trade and climate: How the EU can protect the Paris Agreement

It is possible to effectively integrate the Paris Agreement into new trade deals, including CETA and the upcoming JEFTA with Japan. But it requires a bit more creativity than the recent political declarations, write Mathilde Dupré and Samuel Leré.
Energy 10-12-2015

Wind energy investment is ahead of the curve

After COP21, multinationals will play a crucial role in achieving ambitious climate targets. While policymakers can provide the right legislative framework and policy priorities, Malgosia Bartosik explains why businesses are taking the lead.

The economics of climate change adaptation

There are clear similarities between climate change adaptation and economic behaviour and thus the issue can be dealt with within the framework of economic analysis, argues a policy brief by Asbjørn Aaheim and Marianne Aasen for the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Development Policy 27-08-2007

Cap and Trade versus Carbon Tax

The climate-change debate has shifted, claim Eileen Claussen and Judith Greenwald of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change in a July 2007 article for the Miami Herald.