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Clint Williamson, procureur en chef de la Special Investigative Task Force au Kosovo, le 29 juillet 2014 [Conseil de l'Union européenne]
Enlargement 29-07-2014

KLA guerrillas harvested murdered Serbs’ organs, say EU investigators

Kosovo Albanian guerillas murdered Serbs and sold their organs but there is not yet enough evidence to bring the guilty to justice, the chief prosecutor of an EU backed team of international investigators said today (29 July).
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Europe's East 29-07-2014

‘Compelling indications’ of human organ trafficking during Kosovo war, say EU investigators

European Union Special Investigative Task Force (SITF) Chief Prosecutor Ambassador Clint Williamson said on Tuesday that the SITF has found “compelling evidence” of serious violations of international humanitarian law, including crimes against humanity and war crimes, against former senior officials of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).