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Digital & Media 22-10-2021

Digital Brief powered by Google: vital encryption, Germany’s coalition talks, e-Evidence approaching

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “It would have been impossible for me to whistleblow without encryption. My first messages to journalists were made with...
Data protection 02-06-2021

Cloud development in Europe passes by GDPR compliance

The two recently approved Codes of Conduct for the cloud industry, which will be open to everyone willing to subscribe, could foster the uptake of a technology at the heart of the digital economy, following a green light from the European Data Protection Board.
Digital & Media 07-05-2021

Digital Brief: Digital vulnerabilities, no Horizon for Europe, Trump ban

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “The real industrial revolution is starting now – provided we make the right investments in key technologies and set...
Digital & Media 14-02-2020

LEAK: Commission outlines plan to create single EU data space by 2030

The EU wants to create by the end of the decade a genuine single market for data that corresponds to its economic power, prioritising nine "strategic sectors" including health, climate, agriculture and energy, and dedicating up to €6 billion to investment in data centres, according to the Commission’s data strategy seen by EURACTIV.com.
Data protection 20-06-2018

Negotiators reach quick agreement on law banning data localisation

EU negotiators sealed an agreement that will allow non-personal data to move freely across the bloc and ban national laws that require companies to store data within a country’s borders.

Beijing pushes for innovation to boost global growth

China will host the G20 summit on 4-5 September in Hangzhou, in the midst of a joint public-private innovation effort to counter the economic crisis.
Digital & Media 26-04-2016

Commission wants member states to trust each other more on cybersecurity

EU countries diluted new rules regulating information-sharing on cybersecurity breaches, a top European Commission official said today (26 April), which made it impossible to monitor hackers' assaults on member states' critical infrastructure.
Digital & Media 23-02-2016

EU institutions start large-scale move towards cloud services

EU institutions are getting ready to move data to cloud services as part of the first broad, European Commission-backed push for government cloud computing.
Margrethe Vestager [Commission]
Competition 05-11-2015

Vestager wants national antitrust agencies to go digital

EU antitrust regulators are seeking public feedback over how to strengthen national competition authorities in the 28-country bloc, with some currently limited in their access to cloud-based information.
The European Commission is launching a public consultation on cloud computing this fall
Digital & Media 20-08-2015

Germany to set up ‘Bundescloud’

New German rules for government cloud computing means official data can only be processed in Germany. The restrictions are a strike against US-based cloud providers such as Amazon and Google.

EU privacy reform: Who pays when the rules are broken?

New European Union data protection rules expected to be agreed on Monday will allow citizens to sue companies that own data as well as those that process it on their behalf, for example cloud computing providers.
Digital & Media 15-01-2015

EU could legislate to make cloud and office servers greener

SPECIAL REPORT: European Commission officials are considering whether to regulate to enforce energy efficiency standards on enterprise servers, technology vital for cloud computing.
Digital & Media 14-05-2014

Norway accuses Apple of breaching EU consumer law

Apple's iCloud service violates European law by giving itself the right to change its terms and conditions at any time, without notifying its customers, according to a complaint lodged yesterday (13 May) by the Norwegian Consumer Council.
Digital & Media 27-02-2014

Europe tries to move towards an open and safe cloud

SPECIAL REPORT / As digital data piles up, protection and access to mass information have become the two keywords of European industry and governments in shaping the future of cloud computing. EURACTIV reports from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Digital & Media 29-10-2013

Brussels to set up security, business networks in push for European cloud

SPECIAL REPORT / The Commission is setting up new expert groups to advise on security and business related-issues to accelerate the establishment of a unique "European cloud" capable of challenging global rivals in a sector where the EU has been lagging behind.
Digital & Media 29-08-2013

Europe pushes own digital ‘cloud’ in wake of US spying scandal

The European Commission will redouble efforts to promote EU-based cloud services this autumn - including the urgent drafting of a new charter - amid mounting evidence that the US Prism spying scandal may damage the global market share of US-based tech companies involved in the cloud computing sector.
Digital & Media 28-09-2012

Brussels sees gold lining to cloud computing

The European Commission released yesterday (27 September) its EU strategy on cloud computing, which promotes off-site data storage in a bid to create new jobs and raise €160 billion per year in information technology savings.
Digital & Media 10-09-2012

Music rocks cloud computing debate

EXCLUSIVE: A Commission departmental dispute over copyright licencing is responsible for the delayed publication of the EU strategy on cloud computing, EURACTIV has learned.
Digital & Media 03-09-2012

Cloud computing needs kick-start in Europe: Study

Less than a quarter of European computer users say they use cloud services, even though cloud computing is amongst the fastest-growing segments in the global technology market, a new survey shows.
Digital & Media 19-07-2012

Brussels to unveil EU cloud computing strategy

EXCLUSIVE: The European Commission is finalising a strategy on cloud computing aimed at promoting the use of off-site data storage in a bid to cut information technology costs and create new jobs, according to a draft paper seen by EURACTIV. 
Climate change 10-05-2012

Microsoft to go carbon neutral

The tech giant commits to making data centres, air travel and offices meet carbon targets by July and to introducing an internal carbon market.
Cybersecurity 02-03-2012

Industry accepts responsibility for security fears over cloud

Threats to cyber security and privacy are real and must be addressed by industry as cloud computing pushes technology into a hyper-connected phase, senior telecommunications executives warned at the Mobile World Congress.
Digital & Media 23-02-2012

IT giants still wary of EU on data protection

New EU data protection rules could threaten growth in the high-tech cloud computing sector in Europe, says a report published yesterday (22 February) by a leading industry group.
Regional Policy 17-02-2012

Cash-strapped regions hesitate to jump on cloud bandwagon

The promise of a leaner, more efficient administration and innovative online services to citizens is making cloud computing an attractive solution for local governments. However, some are still reluctant to jump on the new IT bandwagon, fearing data protection issues and high investment costs.