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Agrifood 09-09-2004

Seventeen GM varieties approved but coexistence decision postponed

The Commission's decision to authorise GM maize seeds for marketing and cultivation across the EU has been criticised by environmentalists. The controversial issue of coexistence has been postponed.
Future EU 27-01-2004

Fischler pledges EU Action Plan to boost organic farming

Consumer awareness, financial assistance and GMO co-existence were among the burning issues discussed at a Commission hearing on organic farming on 22 January.
Agrifood 13-01-2004

Germany: Farmers to be liable for GMO pollution

Through its proposed GMO legislation, the German government has outlined a set of rules on co-existence to clarify the relationship between GMO and traditional farming.
Agrifood 18-12-2003

Parliament wants strict EU-wide rules for co-existence

MEPs have adopted an own-initiative report on the co-existence of GM and conventional crops, calling for stricter rules and lower thresholds to control and limit the accidental contamination of crops.
Agrifood 04-12-2003

MEPs call for strict EU-wide rules on GMO co-existence

An own-initiative report on the co-existence of GM and conventional crops was adopted by the EP's Agriculture Committee on 2 December, demanding low thresholds for 'seed purity' of non-GMO products.
Agrifood 29-09-2003

GMO coexistence to be discussed at Agriculture Council

Farm ministers are on 29 September to discuss the controversial issues related to the coexistence of GM and conventional crops and the dangers of cross-contamination.
Agrifood 16-09-2003

GMO experts: Co-existence rules should be established by Member States

As part of the ongoing debate on the difficulties of separating GMOs from conventional crops, the Parliament held a hearing on the issues surrounding co-existence with a view to table an own-initiative report.
Health 24-07-2003

Commission proposes guidelines on co-existence of GM and non-GM crops

On 23 July, the Commission published recommendations for the separation of genetically modified (GM) and non-GM crops in the Member States.
Health 25-04-2003

Controversial Round Table on co-existence of GM and non-GM crops

The Commission will draft guidelines on the sustainable co-existence of genetically modified crops with crops from conventional and organic agriculture within the next months.