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Global Europe 11-11-2020

Von der Leyen: EU seeks ‘new transatlantic agenda’ with Biden

The United States and European Union need to forge a new transatlantic alliance in areas such as climate change and the digital economy under president-elect Joe Biden, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Tuesday (10 November).
Climate change 09-04-2019

Commission to tease carbon tax and nuclear treaty overhaul

The European Commission will make the case later on Tuesday (9 April) for scrapping national vetoes on environmental tax changes and for finally updating the bloc’s venerable nuclear treaty, last amended in 1957.
CO2 emission
Climate change 15-11-2016

Berlin, Brussels dismiss call for CO2 tax on Trump’s US

Germany and the European Commission rejected on Monday (14 November) calls by former French President Nicolas Sarkozy to impose taxes on imports from the United States if President-elect Donald Trump quits a global agreement for fighting climate change.
Climate change 18-05-2012

French to revive Sarkozy’s EU carbon tariff idea

Arnaud Montebourg, the newly-appointed French minister for "industrial revival" who has built a reputation for his fierce attacks against globalisation, has promised to revive old plans by Nicolas Sarkzoy for a carbon tariff at the EU's borders, an idea previously rejected as protectionist among France's European partners.
Trade & Society 08-04-2010

France takes carbon tariff campaign to Washington

France will seek an agreement with the US on a carbon border tax and is convinced that other EU states will come on board if Washington supports it, according to French Environment Minister Jean-Louis Borloo. EURACTIV France reports.
Trade & Society 01-03-2010

France to renew calls for EU carbon tariff

EU ministers are set to give renewed consideration to French calls for a "carbon inclusion mechanism" in an attempt to curb unfair competition from countries like China, which have weaker climate protection laws. But opinion is still divided on the issue of carbon tariffs at the EU's borders.
Trade & Society 13-01-2010

EU trade chief-designate rejects carbon border tariffs

The European Union should not impose border tariffs on goods from countries that fail to cut back their climate-damaging emissions, the EU's trade commissioner-designate said yesterday (12 January).
Climate change 08-01-2010

Carbon tariffs resurface in Copenhagen aftermath

The idea of a carbon tax at the EU's borders is gaining momentum after the Copenhagen climate talks, with French President Nicolas Sarkozy leading calls for a tariff on imports from China and other nations with less stringent environmental protection rules.
Trade & Society 18-09-2009

France, Germany to call for EU border tax on CO2

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the two countries will table a proposal "in the coming days" to correct possible trade and competitiveness distortions created by a future international climate change agreement in Copenhagen later this year.
Climate change 25-06-2009

Polish union warns of EU climate-law job cuts

Some 800,000 jobs across Europe will be wiped out following the adoption of EU climate change legislation last year, warned Poland's Solidarno?? trade union.
Energy 21-05-2008

Electricity firms top EU CO2-polluters list

RWE, Enel and E.ON were the three biggest emitters of CO2 in 2005-2007, mainly due to heavy reliance on coal and lignite for power generation, according to Carbon Market Data, an independent market research firm.