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Climate change 23-07-2020

What the European Council on recovery tells us about European climate politics

After five long days and nights of negotiations, European leaders struck a deal on the seven-year EU budget and “Next Generation EU” recovery plans on Tuesday. What did this European Council tell us about the politics of green and resilient recovery in the EU? Jennifer Tollman, Johanna Lehne and Rebekka Popp explain.
Energy 17-11-2017

Radiator valves: A simple trick to achieve CO2 targets in the building sector

Energy savings can be very low cost and easy. You can cut bills, energy imports and CO2 emissions through individual room temperature control, for example through thermostatic radiator valves. Sarah Brückner explains.
Climate change 26-09-2017

Without carbon tax, we are heading for climate doom

A high tax on carbon emissions is strictly necessary to halt climate change, according to Gaël Giraud, chief economist in the French development agency (AFD). EURACTIV’s partner Journal de l’Environnement reports.
Energy 18-10-2016

Including Greece in ETS compensation mechanisms

Following the Paris Agreement, the discussion on the next phase of the EU ETS, 2021-2030, has intensified. Greece is strongly arguing for its inclusion in the provisions of articles 10c and 10d, write energy analysts from Greece’s Public Power Corporation S.A. (PPC).
Transport 28-09-2015

VW’s Audi says 2.1 million cars fitted with emission-cheating software

Volkswagen's top-of-the-range automaker Audi said on Monday (28 September) that 2.1 million of its diesel cars worldwide are fitted with the sophisticated software enabling them to cheat emission tests.
Transport 28-09-2015

Volkswagen scandal throws spotlight on transport emissions

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Transport Forum opens on Tuesday (29 September) after a week dominated by headlines over the Volkswagen scandal.

Lawmakers agree to limit food-based biofuels

MEPs approved a compromise agreement on Tuesday (14 April) on a law limiting the use of harmful biofuels, following extensive negotiations with the Council of Ministers.
Transport 14-07-2014

Jet engine executive: industry racing to reduce fuel use

While global talks continue on a possible market-based approach to reduce aviation carbon emissions, jet engine manufacturers are “running as fast as we can in order to reduce the fuel burn", said Alan H. Epstein, stressing that engines are growing quieter and more efficient every year.
European Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger with Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard
Trade & Society 29-01-2014

Oettinger rallies opposition to 2030 CO2 target

The EU’s energy commissioner, Günther Oettinger, has spoken out against a planned 40% cut in CO2 emissions across the EU by 2030, just a week after he helped to launch the policy.
Climate change 22-11-2013

Halving EU emissions by 2030 is affordable, says Britain

Cutting the European Union's greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent from 1990 levels by 2030 would reduce economic growth by a fraction of a percent, Britain's minister for energy and climate change said on Thursday.
Transport 11-09-2013

Carmakers on track to meet CO2 targets without super-credits: NGO

European carmakers are on track to meet their CO2 emission targets without special support, contrary to what the German government is arguing, according to green campaign group Transport & Environment (T&E).
Transport 28-06-2013

Diplomat: Germany ‘dictated’ delay to CO2 in cars deal

German diktats to the Irish EU presidency are responsible for freezing a hard-fought deal to cap emissions from Europe’s cars by 2020, which was set to be rubber-stamped at the European summit, diplomatic sources say.
Climate change 28-11-2012

Greens urge Brussels to slam brakes on ‘super credits’ for low-emission cars

The EU’s proposal to grant “super credits” to carmakers for low-emission vehicles threatens to add at least 10g of CO2 per kilometre to the EU’s 2020 target, say Green groups and other transport stakeholders.
Climate change 11-07-2012

New cars in Europe may have to cut carbon emissions by one-third

New cars and vans in the European Union will produce one-third less carbon dioxide within eight years, under proposed new rules set out on Wednesday (11 July) in Brussels.
Climate change 25-06-2012

Global carbon emissions rise is far bigger than previous estimates

Carbon dioxide emissions have risen by even more than previously thought, according to new data analysed by the Guardian newspaper, casting doubt on whether the world can avoid dangerous climate change.
Climate change 25-05-2012

Europe’s airline CEOs blast “crazy” carbon pricing scheme

Europe’s airline executives launched a new salvo against the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) yesterday (24 May), just weeks before an international working group is due to make new proposals aimed at resolving the dispute over pricing air carbon emissions.
Climate change 10-01-2012

Eastern EU courted to accept 30% CO2 cuts

A proposal allowing eastern European member states to bank some €3.2 billion of unused carbon credits if they agree to extend the EU’s emissions reductions target from 20% to 30% was made in a policy paper at the Durban Climate Summit last month, seen by EURACTIV.
Climate change 20-12-2011

MEPs agree on carbon price intervention

Members of the environment committee in the European Parliament have approved an amendment to the proposed Energy Efficiency Directive that is to see carbon prices go up. 
Climate change 12-12-2011

‘Pedal power’ study assesses cycling’s climate impact

If all Europeans cycled as much as the Danes, the EU could meet more than a quarter of its 2050 target for a 60% cut in carbon dioxide emissions in the transport sector, according to the first study of cycling’s CO2 mitigation potential.
Brexit 07-12-2011

Canada’s tar sands lobbying gets murky

A row has broken out over a Canadian lobbying mission to the British Foreign Office that opposes the EU’s proposed Fuel Quality Directive. The dispute involves apparently inaccurate information about California’s fuel quality regulations and threats of legal action.
Energy 29-11-2011

UK secretly helping Canada push its oil sands project

The UK government has been giving secret support at the very highest levels to Canada's campaign against European penalties on its highly polluting tar sands fuel, the Guardian newspaper reports.

First Solar VP: Renewables industrial policy needed

The prospects for solar energy are bright, but an industrial policy that attracts investment for renewables and fair global energy subsidies are needed, a leading industry figure says.
Climate change 06-10-2011

Airline carbon cap is legal, says EU’s top court lawyer

European rules forcing all airlines to pay for carbon emissions are within the law, an adviser to Europe's highest court said on Thursday (6 October), in the latest stage of a bitter battle between the European Union and the aviation industry.
Climate change 29-09-2011

France eyes new carbon tax in 2012 budget

France's conservative government is including a new one-off carbon levy in its €11 billion cuts package, but weakening growth may spell even more belt-tightening to meet sacrosanct deficit targets.