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  • Why non-ETS climate investments are a worthy effort

    Climate change 21-05-2013

    The roughly 58% of the EU's greenhouse gas emissions not covered by its Emissions Trading System falls under the bloc's Effort Sharing Decision (ESD). If this were stepped up, it could become a powerful tool to drive emissions reductions, writes David Holyoake.

  • 2030 climate and energy policy: The time is now

    Science & Policymaking 16-10-2012

    If the European Commission is serious about tackling climate change it must set 2030 targets for renewable energies and energy savings, says Brook Riley.

  • Saving Europe’s flagship climate change initiative

    Trade & Society 02-05-2012

    The recession has pushed down carbon prices and reduced incentives for companies to make further emission cuts and  invest in clean-technology innovation, threatening Europe's ambitious 2020 carbon reduction targets, argues Thomas Legge of the German Marshall Fund.

  • Europe must resist Canada’s tar sands PR machine

    Climate change 21-02-2012

    Europe should remain firm in its target to stay away from high-carbon oil and resist the pressure from some Canadian tar sands lobbies, writes Pieter De Pous from the European Environmental Bureau.

  • Energy Efficiency Directive:‘It’s the economy, stupid!’

    Energy 27-01-2012

    Due to a focus on cutting CO2 emissions, debates on the Energy Efficiency Directive have derailed, writes Bertrand Cazes of Glass for Europe. What is needed now is a paradigm shift to ensure that the directive supports the achievement of Europe’s energy efficiency objective.

  • European leadership for carbon reduction

    Climate change 02-01-2012

    Europe is uniquely well-positioned to lead the world in reducing carbon emissions, argue Shin-pei Tsay and Deborah Gordon of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. They outline four major ways this could be achieved.

  • The EU’s free CO2 allowances: A gift to the rich

    Climate change 22-09-2011

    The Czech Republic's intention to hand out free CO2 allowances to CEZ, an already profitable energy company, would turn it into a dominant actor on the EU energy market and paradoxically threaten competition, writes Barbora Hanzlova, from the Centre for Transport and Energy, a Prague-based non-profit group.

  • We have to fill Europe’s post-2020 energy vacuum

    Special Report | Sustainable Development 15-03-2011

    Given the long-term investment and planning required for the creation of new energy production, the EU needs a policy framework beyond 2020 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, writes Christian Kjaer in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV. He concludes that a technology-neutral emissions performance standard is needed if the EU is to offer both incentives and fair competition in the provision of carbon-free electricity.

  • Court ruling need not cause carbon market to unravel

    Energy 22-10-2009

    Can the European Commission impose a cap on member states' CO2 emissions covered by the EU's emissions trading system? asks Christian Egenhofer, a senior fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), in an October paper, following the Court of First Instance's annulment of a European Commission decision to lower the carbon emission quotas of Poland and Estonia.

  • The EU ETS: The Big Baby in the Bath Water

    Climate change 02-04-2009

    "A cap & trade system remains the most suitable tool to address emissions reductions worldwide in comparison with carbon taxation," writes Maïté Jaureguy-Naudin, a researcher at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), in a March paper.

  • Towards zero greenhouse gas emissions

    Development Policy 11-02-2009

    A world of zero net greenhouse gas emissions "will be needed to achieve climate stability," argue Christopher Flavin and Robert Engelman, president and vice-president of the Worldwatch Institute, in a 2009 publication.

  • Not sky-high: The cost of reducing greenhouse gases

    Development Policy 28-11-2008

    Increasing "carbon productivity" is key to tackling the double challenge of climate change and economic recession, Jeremy Oppenheim, Eric Beinhocker and Diana Farrell, researchers at consulting firm McKinsey, write in the 15 November edition of Newsweek International.