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Electric vehicles 06-09-2018

CO2 limits on cars risk ‘social catastrophe’, industry says

The European Commission may have underestimated the impact a “forced push” for more electric cars could have on EU jobs, Europe's leading carmaker association has said as lawmakers begin in earnest to look into newly proposed limits on CO2 emissions.
Climate change 10-04-2018

Sweden’s new carbon tax

Sweden has introduced a new carbon tax. From April 1, all passengers boarding a flight departing from Sweden will be charged extra fees. EURACTIV’s partner le Journal de l’environnement reports.
Transport 03-04-2018

Ambitious agreement on CO2 emission of heavy-duty vehicles

Coaches, buses and lorries are responsible for a quarter of CO2 emissions from transport. Soon, manufacturers will have to provide data on CO2 emissions and fuel consumption performance of their new vehicles. EURACTIV’s partner le JDLE reports.
Railways 27-03-2017

Parliament’s free Interrail plan replaced by smaller €2.5 million travel fund for teenagers

MEPs are annoyed that a European Commission proposal to hand out €2.5 million to fund young students' travel around Europe will only receive a fraction of the budget they wanted.
Nissan Leaf
Transport 29-05-2015

Car makers gear up for next round of CO2 emission cuts

As the EU prepares for tough negotiations on reducing CO2 emissions from cars post-2020, industry lobbyists, green campaigners and the European Commission alike seem to agree on one thing: deeper emission cuts from road transport will require a more “holistic” approach.

Denmark signals fight for tougher 2030 climate and clean energy goals

EXCLUSIVE / Copenhagen is preparing a push for stronger EU-wide 2030 climate and energy goals despite tough opposition from states such as the UK and Poland, the Danish climate and energy minister, Martin Lidegaard, has told EURACTIV.
Energy 08-01-2014

EU study predicts clean energy, climate failure by 2050

The EU's decarbonisation of its energy sector will only cut emissions by half the amount needed to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius in 2050, according to a business-as-usual scenario quietly released by the European Commission over the Christmas period.
Transport 30-09-2013

Germany proposes four-year delay to EU ‘95 grams’ car goal

A German proposal circulated on the fringes of the EU Competitiveness Council on 27 September calls for phasing-in the EU’s 95 grams of CO2 per km (g/km) fuel efficiency standard for passenger cars over a four-year period ending in 2024.
Transport 07-05-2013

Lawmakers vote to limit van speed, reject stronger CO2 target

The European Parliament’s environment committee on Tuesday (7 May) called for the installation of electric speed limiters for vans to prevent their accelerating beyond an agreed 120kph cap. But MEPs rejected reducing the 2020 target for van CO2 emissions to 118g per km.
Transport 25-04-2013

MEPs back fuel-efficiency plan for cars, including ‘super-credits’

The European Parliament’s environment committee yesterday (24 April) voted through a firm carbon emissions target for Europe’s passenger cars to reach by 2020, and a ballpark figure for 2025.
Transport 18-03-2013

Report: Tough EU fuel economy rules could create 443,000 jobs

Robust fuel efficiency standards for cars could create up to 443,000 new jobs by 2030 and add €16 billion per year to Europe’s GDP, according to the first economic study of the effects of CO2 legislation on the auto-industry.
Energy 11-03-2013

Volkswagen follows Daimler in opting for CO2 refrigerant

Volkswagen, the world's third largest carmaker, has joined its compatriot Daimler in deciding not to use a new air-conditioning (A/C) refrigerant developed by U.S. firms Honeywell and DuPont in its cars, choosing a CO2-based system instead.
Climate change 21-12-2012

EIB signs €440-million loan guarantee for controversial coal plant

The European Investment Bank has signed a €440-million loan guarantee with the Slovenian government for a crisis-plagued 600 megawatt lignite TEŠ 6 coal plant, but the deal could yet be sunk by concerns about the climate and corruption.
Development Policy 26-11-2012

UN energy targets ‘would jack up global emissions 20%’

SPECIAL REPORT: An ambitious but little known set of UN sustainable energy goals for 2020 aims to double global improvements in energy efficiency and renewable energy capacity, and provide universal access to modern energy services. But achieving this last target would cause a carbon emissions explosion, according to a senior UN economist.
Climate change 21-11-2012

European companies ‘using emissions trading to subsidise overseas rivals’

Some of the companies that have complained loudest about the EU's environmental measures are using the EU's Emissions Trading System (ETS) to give money to rivals in other countries instead of cutting their own greenhouse gas emissions, it has emerged.
Climate change 20-11-2012

Korea warns carbon trading advocates of ‘negative lobbying and blackmail’

Carbon trading schemes are fast sprouting across the planet as a market-based way of addressing rising greenhouse gas emissions. But advocates should be prepared for powerful business backlashes, Chang-beom Kim, the South Korean ambassador to the EU, warned a Brussels round table of business leaders and envoys on 19 November.
Climate change 14-11-2012

EU reveals carbon-market reform package

The European Commission will try to shore up its battered carbon market today (14 November) with a structural report signalling a future squeeze on carbon credits to augment a planned  ‘backloading’ or postponing of 900 million allowance auctions until 2019 and 2020.
Climate change 13-11-2012

Hedegaard stops clock on aviation emissions law

EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard has put plans on hold to make international airlines pay for their carbon emissions, so as to give time for the UN airlines body to devise an alternative global scheme that could avoid a damaging trade dispute.
Transport 08-11-2012

EU to unveil multi-billion euro support scheme for auto sector

EXCLUSIVE: The EU pledges funding worth billions of euros to the automotive industry up 2020 in a leaked draft of its cars strategy, to be presented today (8 November). The new strategy comes amid a wave of announced factory closures and lay-offs in the sector but was criticised by Green activists for lacking ambition on CO2 emission cuts.
Climate change 02-11-2012

Oettinger backs new 2030 targets for CO2, renewables

Günther Oettinger, the EU’s energy commissioner, greeted the launch of a new coalition promoting renewables and gas power with a call to set fixed emissions reductions and clean energy targets for 2030.

EU bioenergy policies increase carbon emissions, says leaked EU study

EXCLUSIVE: Bioenergy production often increases greenhouse gas emissions in the short term even though the EU currently counts it as a carbon neutral technology, according to an unreleased EU report, which EURACTIV has obtained.
Climate change 17-09-2012

Study: Biofuels mandate could increase EU CO2 emissions

European biofuel mandates are unlikely to deliver a significant reduction and could even increase greenhouse gas emissions unless land use factors are considered, says a study by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).
Climate change 26-07-2012

Brussels rolls out carbon market fix

The European Commission has announced a twin-track approach to fixing Europe’s depressed carbon market with a short-term ‘backloading’ of carbon allowances, to be followed by proposals for long-term structural change before the end of the year.
Climate change 25-07-2012

Surprise carbon market ‘backload’ proposal on the cards

The European Commission's proposal to fix the beleaguered Emissions Trading System (ETS) today (25 July) will include scenarios for ‘backloading’ a massive 400 million, 900 million, or 1.2 billion carbon allowances, EURACTIV understands.