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Five ways CO₂ can benefit the planet

Carbon dioxide is commonly seen as having a negative impact. After all, it is the main driver of climate change and something that needs to be reduced if we are to hit the Paris Agreement target of keeping global warming...
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Carbon capture: one technology for many routes to net-zero

Uniquely placed to cut emissions in many sectors − and enable greater use of renewables − carbon capture and storage (CCS) needs more political backing if we are to stand any chance of reaching net-zero emissions. Kenji Terasawa is the...
Electric vehicles 03-03-2020

Making car CO2 standards fit for the electric age

Under the current fleet standard regulation, the allowed emissions of combustion-powered cars are getting out of control as more and more zero-emission vehicles enter the fleet, writes Günter Hörmandinger.
Electric vehicles 20-08-2018

Stricter CO2 standards for vehicles are not the reason for job losses

Despite negative media reports, environmental regulation cannot be blamed for the coming upheavals in the automobile sector. Daniel Rieger explains.
Energy 14-02-2017

ETS vote will determine Greece’s energy future

The European Parliament will decide Wednesday (15 February) on the future of the emissions Trading System (ETS). But in this vote, it's not just EU’s leadership role in global climate policy at stake, writes Nikos Mantzaris.
Trade & Society 02-05-2012

Saving Europe’s flagship climate change initiative

The recession has pushed down carbon prices and reduced incentives for companies to make further emission cuts and  invest in clean-technology innovation, threatening Europe's ambitious 2020 carbon reduction targets, argues Thomas Legge of the German Marshall Fund.
Climate change 21-02-2012

Europe must resist Canada’s tar sands PR machine

Europe should remain firm in its target to stay away from high-carbon oil and resist the pressure from some Canadian tar sands lobbies, writes Pieter De Pous from the European Environmental Bureau.