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Technology 27-05-2022

Tech Brief: to be or not to be a platform worker, digital portfolio, CSAM

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Tech Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU.
Cybersecurity 23-05-2022

Cyprus hosts first European Coding Challenge amid concerns over talent shortage

Nicosia hosted the first inaugural European Coding Challenge on Friday (20 May), where young Cypriots got training and insights from tech experts as the EU tries to ensure it won't lack the skills it needs to achieve digital sovereignty.
Development Policy 03-10-2018

An African solution to the global tech talent shortage

‘Eat, sleep, code, repeat,’ is the mantra in Andela’s Nairobi campus, home to a network of Africa's brightest coders. Taking the inspiration for its name from the late South African President Nelson Mandela, Andela invests in Africa’s software engineers.
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Coding School
Technology 03-11-2016

The ‘Coding Summer School’ by Boeing and ThinkYoung: Supporting digital know-how for the future job market

More than 50 teenage students learned the basics of programming during the Coding Summer School in July in Brussels.
Coding skills needs to be paired with digital competency, writes the ECDL Foundation
Technology 16-10-2015

Computing and digital literacy education needs a unified approach

SPECIAL REPORT / As EU Code Week comes to a close this weekend, the ECDL Foundation writes that education programmes promoting coding need to be balanced with basic technology skills, which are too often lacking—even among so-called 'digital natives'.
INFOGRAPHIC: Coding at school
Technology 16-10-2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Coding at school — How do EU countries compare?

SPECIAL REPORT / Digital competences and ICT skills are seen as key for young people to integrate in the job market. Jobseekers will have a harder time finding work without them.

Digital experts say coding leads to empowerment (and jobs)

SPECIAL REPORT / Computer programming brings "empowerment" to the individual, according to digital experts, who say teaching kids how to code will also prepare them for the jobs of the future.
Irish MEP Sean Kelly (EPP) with children at the Coder Dojo in European Parliament
Technology 14-10-2015

Coding kids share their digital skills with MEPs

SPECIAL REPORT / Dozens of children from around the continent came to the European Parliament on 30 September to help MEPs brush up their digital skills.
Digital Skills in Europe
Technology 14-10-2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Digital skills in Europe

SPECIAL REPORT / Most jobs today require some digital and ICT skills. Jobseekers will have a harder time finding work without them.

Digital economy far from full potential, OECD warns

SPECIAL REPORT / The potential for information technologies to boost growth across all industrial sectors is still huge, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) - but it calls on governments to think "strategically" in terms of education and employability.
Andrus Ansip
Technology 13-10-2015

Ansip: Europe ‘still has some way to go’ on digital skills

SPECIAL REPORT / 40% of the population in Europe has insufficient digital skills, according to Andrus Ansip, who says this “is a real cause for concern” as most jobs today require at least basic knowledge of ICT, including coding.
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Technology 12-10-2015

Microsoft: Why do you code?

"If you can dream it, you can code it." As Europe Code Week begins, Microsoft asked some of Europe's young coders to share more about why they code in this short video.

Coding classes trending across EU schools

SPECIAL REPORT / A majority of member states have introduced coding classes to their educational curriculums, as education ministries across Europe increasingly view computer skills as essential to developing key "21st century competences".
Technology 17-10-2014

Kroes: Coding can become a world language

SPECIAL REPORT: Coding is not just for the techies, according to Digital Commissioner Neelie Kroes. It will have an increasingly important role in citizens’ everyday lives and that’s just one reason to make sure this global "language" is taught to children at school.
Digital agenda
Technology 16-10-2014

Digital future: a tale of two Europes

SPECIAL REPORT: Wide variations in the predicted impact of the digital sector of the future European economy are challenging policymakers' preparation for a radically different jobs market.
Technology 15-10-2014

INFOGRAPHIC: Coding in the classroom

SPECIAL REPORT: Which EU countries teach coding in the classroom and why? Computing Our Future, a European Schoolnet report, investigated the timetables to find out. 12 countries gave full responses to the survey, the findings of which are summarised in this infographic. 
Technology 15-10-2014

Teachers urged to get on board with coding

SPECIAL REPORT: Computer coding classes at primary school have to be taught in a more playful way than reading, writing and maths, experts say. 
Technology 14-10-2014

Five-years-olds learn coding in schools to prepare for future labour market

SPECIAL REPORT: Learning basic computer programming is becoming mandatory curriculum in primary schools in some member states, as governments try to prepare already digital native pupils the skills they need for the labour markets of the future.
Technology 13-10-2014

Coding moves firmly into the mainstream

SPECIAL REPORT: Once seen as the exclusive province of a handful of computer experts, coding has moved firmly into the mainstream as policymakers, educators and business have realised its potential.