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  • A global Europe in action

    Future EU 06-05-2021

    The Conference on the Future of Europe can catalyse much-needed reflection on how to revamp the EU’s external action. But, most importantly, if the EU wants to secure its position as a top-tier geopolitical player, it should overcome self-doubt and learn by doing, writes Javier Solana.

  • Democracies, including EU, need better functioning, better results

    Future EU 03-05-2021

    The Conference on the Future of Europe is an exercise in democracy, and at the same time, the main theme of the Conference is European democracy. But the problem is broader: democracy itself is in crisis, write Herman Van Rompuy and Žiga Turk.

  • The Brief, powered by VDMA – Do away with the elites

    Future EU 23-04-2021

    Twenty years ago, the EU thought that a patrician, former French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing, was best placed to chair discussions on its reform. For good measure, Giscard’s two vice-chairs were both former prime ministers.

  • The age of permacrisis

    Future EU 13-04-2021

    Despite the fatigue with the pandemic and the longing for stability and predictability, Europe has entered the age of ‘permacrisis’, in which volatility, uncertainty, and a prolonged sense of emergency have become the new normal, argue Ricardo Borges de Castro, Fabian Zuleeg and Janis A. Emmanouilidis.

  • European political parties play a key role now and in the future

    Future EU 26-03-2021

    The Conference on the Future of Europe should not be a PR exercise but a genuine people’s convention to deliberate all the tough issues we face together and to hear what citizens expect from Europe, argues Hans van Baalen.

  • A dozy dozen

    Future EU 25-03-2021

    The EU needs democratic rebalancing. Veto powers have given the EU multiple Achilles heels that have been exploited by the likes of China, Russia and Silicon Valley. But the signals coming ahead of the Conference on the Future of Europe are not promising, writes Sophie in 't Veld.

  • Appointment with history

    Future EU 11-02-2021

    Crises boost EU integration: an unprecedented budget, common bonds, border guards in EU uniforms. But EU parliamentary democracy is lagging far behind and the European Parliament should defend democratic oversight. If it shies away from using its powers, it will lose them, writes Sophie in ‘t Veld.

  • We need to talk about the future of Europe

    Future EU 12-10-2020

    Our online world lends itself well to a conversation with citizens about the future of Europe. And yet, European leaders have so far failed to reach agreement, even on who should chair the long promised Conference on the Future of Europe, writes Roger Casale.

  • Time for governments to listen to their European citizens

    Future EU 22-04-2020

    Amid the range of appeals and open letters on the policy-changes need to combat the coronavirus, one constant is that all are demanding an effective common EU response to the pandemic, writes Roberto Castaldi.

  • After the pandemic: How to use Conference on Future of Europe to rethink society

    Future EU 13-04-2020

    From financial problems to migration and Brexit, the European Union has faced multiple challenges so far. Nowadays, Europe is being hard-hit by another “black swan” – the COVID-19 pandemic. How can the EU learn from its mistakes in order to better face future unpredictable crises, asks Nicolae Stefanuta.

  • Let millions of EU citizens engage on the Conference on the Future of Europe

    Future EU 03-03-2020

    The EU is at a crucial turning point, it is now vital to give citizens the opportunity to take ownership of its project, Axel Dauchez writes ahead of the launch of the Conference on the future of Europe.

  • A ‘Conference on the future of EU’, what next? EU elections 2024

    Future EU 22-01-2020

    For the moment, no one is talking about the ratification of a possible new treaty following the Conference on European Reform. To avoid failure and to engage citizens, the EU's institutions must be made to work according to the principles of representative democracy, and treaty reform must be the central issue at stake in the European elections of 2024, write Giorgio Clarotti, Oliver Costa and Christophe Leclercq.