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Energy 07-09-2012

US bets on cogeneration as Europe lags behind

President Barack Obama's recent decision to set binding targets for the proliferation of cogeneration plants by 2020 is casting a doubt on the level of ambition of the EU's green agenda.
Energy 02-06-2010

EU energy strategies ‘overlook heat losses’

EU energy strategies are currently overlooking significant energy savings that could be achieved with an integrated approach that allows the use of waste heat, according to Fiona Riddoch, managing director of Cogen Europe, and Sabine Froning, managing director of Euroheat&Power. They spoke to EURACTIV ahead of their joint annual conference today (2 June).
Energy 22-04-2009

Carbon trading ‘stifling EU energy-savings potential’

The EU's emissions trading scheme has so far failed to deliver any reductions in CO2 emissions while at the same time strangling energy-efficiency investment in the electricity sector, according to a former European Commission official. 
Energy 26-03-2009

Refiners turn to cogeneration to fulfil climate obligations

With energy representing up to 50% of operational costs, oil refineries are increasingly looking for opportunities to invest in energy efficiency, with combined heat and power production representing an important part of the solution.
Energy 10-05-2007

MEP advocates greater role for cogeneration in ‘energy showdown’

Speaking at a 9 May stakeholder conference on cogeneration, Green MEP Claude Turmes called on the EU to make co-generation a cornerstone of its future energy policy and efforts to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. 
Energy 05-02-2004

Cogeneration Directive through: Council adopts compromise text

Backing the deal hammered out with Parliament, Council on 26 January formally adopted the Cogeneration Directive, which is designed to promote the simultaneous production of electricity and heat in Europe.
Energy 19-12-2003

Parliament adopts cogeneration compromise

Backing the deal hammered out with the Council on a Directive on the promotion of combined heat and power, the Parliament on 18 December adopted its report in second reading.
Energy 17-12-2003

Cogeneration: Conciliation narrowly avoided

The Council and the Parliament have agreed on an approach to the Cogeneration Directive, thereby narrowly avoiding a conciliation procedure.

Policy makers and scientists discuss public perceptions of risk

At a conference on 4-5 December, policy makers, scientists and risk communicators debated ways in which to bridge the gap between science and public risk perceptions.
Energy 05-12-2003

Parliament sticks to its guns on draft cogeneration directive

The Parliament's Industry Committee has refused to bow to pressure from the Council and the Commission, sticking to its initial position on the Cogeneration Directive. The possibility of a conciliation procedure looms ever closer.
Energy 26-09-2003

Commission backs Council position on cogeneration

The Commission recommends the Council's position on cogeneration to the Parliament, stating that the spirit of the initial proposal had been retained.
Energy 19-09-2003

Cogeneration ball back in the Parliament’s court

The Council of Ministers adopted a common position on the future Cogeneration Directive, and forwarded it to the Parliament for its second reading.