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Energy 04-12-2018

Making electricity rules fit for the integrated energy system of the future

When adopting new rules for Europe’s electricity market, EU policymakers shouldn’t lose sight of the bigger picture which involves an increasingly integrated energy system with multiple links between electricity, heat and gas, writes Hans Korteweg.
Energy 18-04-2018

Energy efficiency: Getting the full picture

The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), adopted in 2012 and currently under review, has been a key milestone to help deliver energy savings in Europe. But the reality is that we are not there yet in terms of primary energy savings, writes Hans Korteweg.
Energy 11-04-2006

Analysis: What is the importance of cogeneration?

The 2004 Directive on cogeneration urges EU member states to exploit their potential for combined production of heat and electricity (cogeneration). Eckhard Schulze (Energie-Fakten) explains the pros and cons of this energy-saving technique, and casts light on its most meaningful applications and most promising prospects.