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  • EPP holds Damocles’ sword over Cre?u

    News | Regional Policy 02-10-2014

    Corina Cre?u, Romania’s commissioner –designate for Regional Policy, left MEPs with mixed feelings following her confirmation hearing yesterday (1 October). The centre-right EPP reproached her for providing few ideas, and for lacking a proposal as to how to solve a major budgetary problem concerning her portfolio. EURACTIV Romania contributed to this article.

  • EU suspends funding to Hungary over weak controls

    News | Central Europe 15-08-2013

    European Union funding to Hungary has been temporarily suspended over failings in the country's financial control systems, but there was no evidence of fraud, a European Commission official said yesterday (14 August).

  • EU budget summit aftermath: ‘Everyone’s a winner’

    News | Central Europe 15-02-2013

    National leaders were quick to portray last week's budget summit agreement as a victory for their country. But one week after the dust has settled, the picture looks more nuanced. The EURACTIV network brings you an overview from Britain, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.

  • The EU’s 2014-2020 budget in figures

    News | EU Priorities 2020 12-02-2013

    After 26 hours of negotiations, European heads of state and governments decided on a smaller EU budget for the period 2014-2020. Here are the numbers, compiled by EURACTIV France.

  • Unleashing the potential of Central and Eastern Europe

    Opinion | Regional Policy 05-07-2011

    As the budget debate begins, cohesion policy remains critical to creating the infrastructure that Central and Eastern European EU members need to unleash their full potential for growth and convergence with the rest of the Union, argues Hendrik Bourgeois of General Electric.

  • Cameron rallies troops for budget battle

    News | Brexit 17-12-2010

    UK Prime Minister David Cameron used a two-day EU summit which concluded today (17 December) to build an alliance in favour of capping the European Union's multi-annual budget for the post-2014 period. EURACTIV's network reports.

  • Barroso unveils action plan for Danube region

    News | Regional Policy 12-11-2010

    The president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, has revealed the main priorities of an EU Action Plan for the Danube region. The plan is due to be adopted in December as part of a long-term strategy that will involve eight member states and six other countries.

  • Commission wants regional funds to match 2020 goals

    News | Regional Policy 11-11-2010

    The European Commission presented yesterday (10 November) its blueprint for reform of the EU's cohesion policy, linking funding for regions to the achievement of the targets set out in the 'Europe 2020' strategy for jobs and growth.

  • Poland pushes for ‘solidarity’ in EU budget review

    News | Regional Policy 02-09-2010

    On his first visit to Brussels, Polish President Bronis?aw Komorowski stressed his continued backing for European assistance to poorer regions and farmers ahead of EU budget talks later this year.

  • Eastern Europe asked to raise EU budget payouts

    News | Regional Policy 23-10-2009

    Member states benefiting from redistributive policies like Eastern European countries should contribute more to the EU budget, according to draft European Commission proposals seen by EURACTIV.

  • EU funds refocused on competitiveness and social cohesion

    News | Regional Policy 15-05-2008

    Member-state governments are re-focusing the EU's cohesion policy to boost workers' qualifications, education and employability, the Commission said at the conclusion of negotiations on funds allocated for the 2007-2013 period.

  • The new EU cohesion policy (2007-2013) [Archived]

    Policy Brief | Regional Policy 20-07-2006

    The EU's enlargement on 1 May 2004 has exacerbated economic and social disparities across the EU. Recipients of Structural and Cohesion Funds such as Ireland and Spain are now being called on to contribute to the development of their new partners. In the 2007-2013 financial perspectives, cohesion policy amounts to 35.7% of the total EU budget (€308 billion), 62% of which should finance projects linked to the Lisbon agenda for growth and employment.