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Global Europe 12-02-2021

Russia’s EU ambassador: Discussing Navalny is pointless

In a telephone interview on Thursday (11 February) the Ambassador of Russia to the EU Vladimir Chizhov evokes the recent visit of EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell to Moscow, which he helped arrange.
Global Europe 04-11-2016

Ponomaryev: Consensus rules make EU weak against Putin

Consensus voting doesn’t help the EU to stand strong against an ever more assertive Russia, Ilya Ponomaryev, Russian opposition figure and a former member of the State Duma, told EURACTIV Poland in an exclusive, wide-ranging interview.
Brexit 02-05-2016

Geoffrey Harris: A European career between two UK referendums

Geoffrey Harris, an old hand in the European Parliament, started his career just after the European Communities membership referendum, and will retire days before the Brexit referendum. In a wide-ranging interview, he tells of people and events that made EU history.
Dmitry Gorenburg [The Finnish Institute of International Affairs]
Global Europe 27-06-2014

Russia analyst: Putin is trying to ‘rectify a historic wrong’

Western containment policy towards Russia in Europe’s east has a different meaning than it did during the Cold War because the ideological component is missing, says Dmitry Gorenburg, outlining the causes for the crisis, Putin’s motivations for annexation and assessing EU-US cooperation.