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Digital & Media 10-09-2012

Music rocks cloud computing debate

EXCLUSIVE: A Commission departmental dispute over copyright licencing is responsible for the delayed publication of the EU strategy on cloud computing, EURACTIV has learned.
Trade & Society 13-07-2012

Brussels proposes changes to EU copyright law

Following concerns over financial irregularities and difficult online licencing, the European Commission has proposed a new directive requiring copyright collecting societies to increase their transparency, efficiency and management of revenues. EURACTIV France reports.
Digital & Media 10-07-2012

EU drafts bill to speed up music copyright pay

The European Union will present tomorrow (11 July) a draft bill to combat music piracy and strengthen copyright protection which would force companies that manage music rights to pay artists their royalties more speedily.
Digital & Media 08-01-2010

EU pushes for single online music licensing

A pan-European or 'multi-territory' licensing system for online music and films is gaining momentum as the Spanish EU Presidency intends to tackle digital copyright and online piracy in 2010.
Digital & Media 23-07-2007

Collecting societies split over online music royalties

Commitments signed earlier this month by CISAC, the global federation of copyright collecting societies that organise the collection of music royalties, have led to a split between large and small authors' societies across Europe. 
Competition 13-07-2007

Media companies urge Commission to turn down copyright proposal

A coalition of large media companies in the broadband and online TV markets have urged the Commission to reject the terms under which collecting societies have proposed to share benefits of online music, saying that the proposed deal would stifle competition and harm cultural diversity.
Digital & Media 14-03-2007

MEPs call for online-music directive

The Parliament has attacked the Commission on what it perceives as the "soft-law approach" that it chose to harmonise member states' rules on copyright for online music services. 
Competition 24-08-2005

Commission opens consultation on online music distribution

The Commission has opened a public consultation on a commitment from Dutch and Belgian music copyright collecting societies - BUMA and SABAM respectively - concerning online music licensing.