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Biofuels 22-06-2022

EU’s 2035 ban on new thermal cars won’t spell the end of biofuels, industry says

Critics say position adopted by the European Parliament for zero tailpipe emissions by 2035 is effectively a mandate for electric vehicles, locking out biofuels.
Transport 21-12-2021

EU split on proposals to extend carbon pricing to road transport, ban polluting cars

EU countries remain divided on proposals to tighten carbon emission standards for cars and extend the EU’s carbon market to the road transport sector, with the fault line running largely between richer and less-wealthy member states.
Elections 18-10-2021

Germany’s likely new coalition wants more EU sovereignty, fossil car ban

Leaders of Germany's Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens, and the business-friendly FDP have reached a preliminary agreement including plans to end the internal combustion engine and take an assertive stance on the rule of law in the EU.

EU’s environment policy cards reshuffled after German elections

As Europe wakes up from Germany's election night, one thing appears clear: both the Greens and the liberal FDP are in a strong position to enter the next government. How will this affect Germany's position on EU environmental matters?
Electric vehicles 14-07-2021

EU signals end of internal combustion engine by 2035

Sales of new cars and vans that produce carbon emissions will be banned as of 2035, proposals tabled by the European Commission revealed on Wednesday (14 July), a move which all but guarantees that the era of the internal combustion engine (ICE) is drawing to a close in the EU.
Electric vehicles 06-04-2017

Rethinking the cost of conventionally fueled road transport

If the human health costs from air pollution were to be accounted and paid for by the fossil car industry, we would see the price tag of conventional cars double, writes Teodora Serafimova.
Transport 28-02-2007

Progress made on hydrogen engines

A new type of hydrogen technology to allow more efficient engines has been developed as part of an EU-funded research project, but doubts remain as to whether hydrogen is truly 'clean'.
Transport 09-10-2002

Tomorrow’s cars, today’s engines

  That fabulous invalid the internal-combustion engine is very far from dead. The McKinsey Quarterly, 2002 Number 3 The internal-combustion engine was synonymous with the automobile throughout the 20th century. But its future is now at risk, since it faces competition...