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Politics 28-11-2017

Excessive complexity hinders transparency of lawmaking

Understanding of EU lawmaking among lobbyists and journalists has declined as the processes themselves have become more complex, to the point of making Brussels "a land of incompetence", experts said at a seminar on Monday (27 November).
Politics 16-06-2017

Support for Lisbon Treaty was unnecessary investment of political capital

The mantra of European elites for the support of the Lisbon Treaty included greater transparency of the decision-making process. Almost ten years after signing the Treaty, Mirek Topolánek says he now knows "for sure" that his support was unnecessary.
Public Affairs 16-02-2017

Comitology reform: Doing, undoing and redoing is still hard work

To avoid taking responsibility for contentious proposals like GMO and pesticide approvals, the European Commission’s proposed comitology reform aims to put member states in the frontline, writes Daniel Guéguen.
Public Affairs 15-02-2017

Commission fluffs lines on decision-making reform

The European Commission has revealed its long-awaited reform of the so-called comitology decision-making process. But it has already been criticised for not being ambitious enough and concerns have been raised about whether the proposal stands any chance of being approved.
András Baneth, managing director, Public Affairs Council
EU Priorities 2020 17-11-2014

Regulatory advocacy in the EU: 5 years of ‘new’ comitology

Established by the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009, the ‘new’ system of adopting implementing and delegated acts is playing an increasingly important role in the EU decision-making process and, as a result, has made a dramatic change in the EU’s regulatory dynamic, writes András Baneth.
Transport 10-10-2013

EU vote on flight time rules leaves pilots in dismay

“A sad day for European flight safety” tweeted the European pilots’ association, minutes after the European Parliament rejected a motion that would have stopped new flight time limitations (FTL) rules from coming into force.

Pilots fight new EU flight-time rules

Ahead of a vote in the European Parliament tomorrow (9 October), pilots associations and EU lawmakers have mounted a fierce campaign against new rules on flight time limitations, saying the proposed EU law would put passenger safety at risk.
Public Affairs 19-04-2013

Bad news for EU decision-making: Comitology no longer exists

In the three years since the Lisbon Treaty entered into force, EU decision-making has become more complex and opaque, and there are signs that the secondary legislative procedure, or comitology, no longer exists, writes Daniel Guéguen.
Health 22-05-2012

Europe’s legal order: Who is the boss in Brussels?

The answer is the European Commission, but only because of bad procedural practices after the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, argues Daniel Guéguen.
Public Affairs 27-04-2011

New comitology: Key developments to keep an eye on

Stakeholders must keep a close eye on the way in which executive powers are delegated to the European Commission under the Lisbon Treaty, which fundamentally reformed the way in which EU policies are implemented under the so-called ‘comitology’ procedure, explains Alan Hardacre of the European Institute of Public Administration in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Public Affairs 21-02-2011

EU lawyers struggle with new ‘comitology’ rules

Legal experts in the EU institutions are wrestling with uncertainties surrounding major reforms to the way EU laws are implemented ahead of the entry into force on 1 March of a regulation governing the bloc's 'comitology' procedure. 
Public Affairs 05-01-2011

Delegated and Implementing Acts: The New Comitology

On 16 December the European Parliament approved a new EU regulation on so-called 'implementing acts' and the Council of Ministers should now ratify the text, which will establish two new worlds in EU comitology: 'delegated' and 'implementing' acts, write Dr Alan Hardacre and Dr Michael Kaeding from the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA).
Public Affairs 17-12-2010

EU lawmaking reform gives Brussels more power on trade

European Commission plans to reduce member states' influence on the EU's day-to-day decision-making by reforming the so-called 'comitology' procedure were yesterday (16 December) approved by MEPs, shifting power over key trade decisions like multi-million euro import tariffs away from national governments to the EU institutions. 
Public Affairs 05-11-2010

UK, Germany resist attempted EU power grab on trade

A European Commission proposal to reduce member states' influence on the EU's daily decision-making is facing resistance from a group of countries led by Germany and the UK, who are insisting on keeping a say on trade policy.
Public Affairs 13-05-2010

PA boss: Power in Brussels ‘shifting to bureaucratic level’

Decision-making under the EU's reformed comitology system represents a 'black box' in EU transparency, prominent consultant Daniel Guégen told EURACTIV Czech Republic in an interview, asserting that power in Brussels "is shifting from the political level to the bureaucratic level". 
Public Affairs 13-05-2010

Brussels insider blasts EU ‘black box’

Decision-making under the EU's reformed comitology system represents a 'black box' in EU transparency, prominent consultant Daniel Guégen told EURACTIV Czech Republic in an interview, asserting that power in Brussels "is shifting from the political level to the bureaucratic level". 
Public Affairs 10-11-2009

Lawmakers scold City lobbying on EU finance rules

To forge proposals on financial regulation, the European Commission continues to rely on the advice of financial expert who have vested corporate interests, especially from the City of London, EU lawmakers are claiming.
Public Affairs 11-02-2009

Brussels blamed for big business ‘bias’

The European Commission's high-level groups are "skewed" in favour of business interests and fail to guarantee equitable consultation of all stakeholders, allege Friends of the Earth in a new report to be published tomorrow (12 February). The NGO is calling for a moratorium on the creation of new such groups until more "transparent mechanisms" have been established.
EU Priorities 2020 07-07-2006

Parliament strengthens its control over the Commission

The European Parliament has taken another major step towards increasing its powers, obtaining the right to revoke decisions taken by the Commission to implement legislation
Public Affairs 14-10-2005

EU Parliament attempts to win new powers

A long-standing institutional squabble over call-back rights to so-called 'comitology' decisions has been reignited by Parliament, which wants to be put on an equal footing with EU ministers on the issue.