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Elections 24-11-2016

European Parliament renounces control over Oettinger’s nomination

EXCLUSIVE /  The European Parliament's Conference of the Presidents decided on Wednesday (23 November) that Günther Oettinger will not face a plenary vote before taking on his new portfolio. EURACTIV France reports.
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Euro & Finance 08-10-2014

Moscovici delivers answers to European Parliament

Pierre Moscovici has completed his supplementary written hearing. Lawmakers will debate his responses this evening, 8 October.
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Euro & Finance 07-10-2014

Leak: European Parliament questions for Pierre Moscovici

EURACTIV France has seen a letter containing 22 supplementary questions for Pierre Moscovici delivered to Mr Juncker by the President of the European Parliament. The aggressive tone of the questions reflects the scepticism of MEPs.
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Euro & Finance 03-10-2014

Moscovici, Hill asked to sign pact with Parliament

Pierre Moscovici and Jonathan Hill, the French and British Commissioners-designate, will spend their weekend answering written questions from MEPs to stay in the race for the Juncker Commission. The exercise seems to be tantamount to a written deal that they won’t act as the “Trojan horses” of their influential countries in the EU executive. EURACTIV France reports
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Thyssen in successful balancing act on ‘social Europe’

The Belgian Commissioner for Social Affairs, Marianne Thyssen, came out unscathed from her parliamentary confirmation hearing yesterday (1 October), as untroubled MEPs failed to point out the EU's weakness on social issues. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Priorities 2020 30-09-2014

Cañete faces protests before EU confirmation hearing

Members of the European Parliament and civil society organisations will protest against the choice of Miguel Cañete as EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy on the day of his confirmation hearing in Parliament.
Brexit 29-09-2014

Financial Services nominee flexible on rules

New European Union rules making banks and markets safer could be swiftly tweaked to get right balance between effective regulation and encouraging funding to the economy, the bloc's new Financial Services commissioner-designate said.
Euro & Finance 29-09-2014

Moscovici talks tough on budget discipline ahead of commissioner hearing

The European Commission will not let EU budget discipline rules be flouted, incoming economic affairs commissioner Pierre Moscovici said on Monday (29 September), days after his former colleagues in the French government said Paris would again miss EU targets.
EU Priorities 2020 26-09-2014

The Juncker Commission 2014-2019

After months of deliberation, Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker presented his team, and the new executive structure, on 10 September.
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EU Elections 2014 25-09-2014

EPP would sacrifice Moscovici if the left attacks its Commissioners

The largest party in the European Parliament has warned that it will throw out Pierre Moscovici if the left challenges their Commission candidates.