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Future EU 09-07-2019

Sassoli ‘reasonably optimistic’ for von der Leyen vote

The European Parliament's new president, David Sassoli, is “reasonably optimistic” about the vote on whether to confirm Ursula von der Leyen as European Commission president next week, EU sources told EURACTIV.com.
Competition 10-04-2019

Vestager campaigns on hostile French territory

Danish Commissioner Vestager, centrist figurehead and part of French Macronists' future family in the European Parliament, does not have support from the French government for fear she will stand in the way of French candidate Michel Barnier. EURACTIV France reports.
Elections 15-02-2018

Macron’s plans for a party in the European Parliament

Emmanuel Macron has reiterated his goal of overhauling the European political landscape. Whether this involves creating a new party or joining forces with the liberals, a lot of obstacles lie in his way. EURACTIV.fr reports Macron has his eye on...
Politics 05-07-2017

Moscovici begins angling for Juncker’s job

With Jean-Claude Juncker now over the half-way point of his term at the head of the European Commission, the jostling ahead of the 2019 presidential contest has already begun. Juncker has always said he will not stand for a second term. EURACTIV Spain reports.
[European Parliament/Flickr]
EU Elections 2014 03-11-2014

Commission presidential race only interested 5% of European electorate

Choosing the future President of the European Commission only motivated 5% of voters in the May 2014 elections. Germany, Luxembourg and Austria were the only countries to show slightly more interest in the presidential race between the two main candidates, Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz. EURACTIV.fr reports
Jean-Claude Juncker in the European Parliament in Brussels, 8 July 2014 [© European Union 2014 - European Parliament]
EU Priorities 2020 09-07-2014

MEPs flex their muscles ahead of Juncker approval vote

Jean-Claude Juncker began his tour of European Parliament political groups yesterday (8 July) and appears closer than ever to securing a majority. But Juncker's bid for the EU Commission Presidency may still be hanging by a thread as many MEPs are still undecided. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Brexit 24-06-2014

Vote looms on next EU Commission chief as Cameron raises stakes

David Cameron has stepped up his campaign to block Jean-Claude Juncker from the European Commission Presidency, insisting that a vote takes place at this week's EU summit in Brussels (26-27 June). EURACTIV France reports.
German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen is likely to be Juncker's top choice to fill Germany's Commissioner post. [The Council of the European Union]
EU Elections 2014 20-06-2014

Defence minister is Juncker’s favourite for German Commission post

Few women can be found among EU Commissioners, something Jean-Claude Juncker says he will change if he becomes Commission president, amid news that Martin Schulz has given up vying for the post and rumours that Ursula von der Leyen is Juncker’s top choice. EURACTIV Germany reports.
EU Priorities 2020 20-06-2014

Why Cameron should accept Juncker

London should hug - not hate - the Luxembourg former prime minister and David Cameron should pick up the phone and ask: 'Can we talk?', writes Denis MacShane.
Pierre Moscovici.
Future EU 19-06-2014

Moscovici: ‘clusterisation’ is crucial for next Commission

France’s leading candidate for the European Commission, Pierre Moscovici, is certain that Jean-Claude Juncker will be made president. He wants a Commission organised in "clusters" and that includes the Eurogroup President. EURACTIV France reports.
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Parliament criticises UK for opposing Juncker as next Commission president

The European Parliament told EU council president Herman Van Rompuy on Thursday to nominate EPP Jean Claude Juncker as the next commission president. Parliament leaders warned that the Chamber is ready to veto any other candidates.
German chancellor Angela Merkel and British PM David Cameron [Number 10/Flickr]
EU Priorities 2020 12-06-2014

Cameron and Merkel are the EU Council’s biggest rivals

Germany and the United Kingdom are the two countries who most often went head to head in EU Council votes, new research released on Wednesday (11 June) shows.
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EU Priorities 2020 10-06-2014

Merkel: I want Juncker to be the next Commission president

In a press conference in Sweden on Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker should take the EU's top job.
Candidates for President of the European Commission in 2014
EU Elections 2014 05-06-2014

Think tanks brush portrait of next EU Commission chief

The identity of the next European Commission President is still unknown, but two think thanks have come together to analyse what will make the next President stand out from the rest and secure the job. EURACTIV France reports.
Jean-Claude Juncker (left) and Herman Van Rompuy ahead of a EU Summit [President of the European Council/Flickr]
EU Elections 2014 23-05-2014

Van Rompuy expects ‘no names’ soon for next Commission chief

In an invitation sent out on Wednesday (21 May), European Council president Herman Van Rompuy tells EU leaders that the EU Summit on 27 May will be too early to have a decision on the next EU Commission president.
Herman Van Rompuy and Jean-Claude Juncker [European Council]
EU Elections 2014 19-05-2014

Next Commission chief could be ‘an outsider’, Van Rompuy says

Herman Van Rompuy, the European Council President, has reiterated his personal reservations about the pan-European 'Spitzenkandidaten' for the EU elections, stressing the next EU Commission president “needs a large majority in the Council too”.
The presidential candidates ahead of the Eurovision debate. [EURACTIV]

Diversity wins as EU presidential candidates try to impress voters

In a multilingual debate, which turned into a fight about austerity, the candidates to become the next President of the European Commission on Thursday (15 May) showed the face of a not-so-divided, decidely diverse Europe.
Martin Schulz [Flickr]

Schulz vows to tackle gender pay gap

Presenting his election programme in Brussels on Wednesday (7 May), socialist campaign frontman Martin Schulz said the gender pay gap was "dramatic" and would be a priority in the EU if he became the next President of the European Commission.
Ska Keller [Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung/Flickr]
EU Priorities 2020 30-04-2014

Keller: Europe is more than just conservatives and socialists

Ska Keller is in the middle of a pan-European campaign and is facing some political heavyweights in the EU ‘presidential debates’. But the main question facing the European Greens is what role will they still play after 25 May? A question Keller answers in an interview with EURACTIV.
EU Elections 2014 28-04-2014

INFOGRAPHIC: EU Presidential Debates 2014

With less than four weeks to go before polls open on 22-25 May, the parties' main candidates for the EU Commission presidency face each other in a series of 'Presidential Debates', broadcasted by national and European media.
EU Elections 2014 23-04-2014

Schulz, Juncker tell Van Rompuy ‘the old days are over’

The two lead candidates in the race for the European elections have reacted vigorously to statements by Council President Herman Van Rompuy, who scorned the parties’ attempt to put forward candidates for the European Commission's presidency.
EU Elections 2014 15-04-2014

Schulz attacked over political appointments

Green MEPs have rallied against appointments in the European Parliament administration involving its president, Martin Schulz, in the run-up to the EU elections, in which he is a candidate for the Commission presidency.
Martin Selmayr [European Commission]

Top Commission official to manage Juncker’s campaign

Martin Selmayr, the head of cabinet of EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding, has been appointed campaign manager for centre-right candidate Jean-Claude Juncker.
Elections 03-03-2014

Barnier takes on Juncker for EU Commission job

French EU Commissioner Michel Barnier filed his candidacy on Friday (28 February) to become the European People’s Party’s candidate for the European Commission presidency, in a race that will be decided at the EPP congress later this week. EURACTIV France contributed to this report.