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Ska Keller [Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung/Flickr]
EU Priorities 2020 30-04-2014

Keller: Europe is more than just conservatives and socialists

Ska Keller is in the middle of a pan-European campaign and is facing some political heavyweights in the EU ‘presidential debates’. But the main question facing the European Greens is what role will they still play after 25 May? A question Keller answers in an interview with EURACTIV.
Elections 20-12-2013

Olli Rehn: There needs to be a post-election coalition

Over the past weeks, Olli Rehn has put himself on the map as potential liberal candidate for the presidency of the European Commission. But now the man known as 'bailout commissioner' has to beat the most well-known liberal across Europe, Guy Verhofstadt.  In an interview with EURACTIV, Rehn reveals his plan for a winning campaign.
Elections 11-09-2013

Think tanks: EU elections could get ‘pretty ugly’

The European Parliament launched its information campaign for the May 2014 elections with a promise that "this time, it’s different". EURACTIV  asked four of the continent's blue-sky thinkers whether it really is, and whether falling voter turnouts could be reversed if so.
Public Affairs 11-02-2010

Analyst: Barroso II needs ‘vision’, sense of ‘history’

With decades of EU institutional reform and eastern enlargement culminating with the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the European Union is now "as close to the final EU institutional balance as we are likely to get in our lifetimes" and leaders can focus on pressing issues like climate change, energy and food security instead, Tom Spencer, executive director of the European Centre for Public Affairs, told EURACTIV in an interview. 
EU Priorities 2020 25-09-2009

Expert: Barroso can make Commission count again

Reappointed President José Manuel Barroso has a unique opportunity to "recuperate the role" of the European Commission and "really influence policymaking" in the coming years, Antonio Missiroli, director at Brussels think-tank the European Policy Centre (EPC), told EURACTIV in an interview.
Public Affairs 09-09-2009

Wallström: Legal basis necessary to communicate

After trying for five years to find the right approach to communicating Europe, European Commission Vice-President Margot Wallström has come to the conclusion that the only way forward is to give the new commissioner control of citizenship legislation and the accompanying programmes and budget, she told EURACTIV in an interview.
EU Priorities 2020 30-04-2009

Rasmussen: ‘Socialists will treat state aid differently if elected’

If the Socialists gain more influence following the June European elections, there will be more state aid for economic restructuring cases, such as the Poland's Gda?sk shipyards, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, president of the Party of European Socialists, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview today.