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Future EU 20-03-2018

The surprising expansion of citizen dialogue

The European Commission has announced having already organised 500 citizens’ consultations since 2012, and says it plans to organise 500 more by May 2019. But the format of those dialogues is quite different from the citizens' consultations put forward by French President Emmanuel Macron. EURACTIV.fr reports.

New EU digital Commissioner adds cabinet members

Less than one month after taking office, the newest EU Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel, has filled several spots in her cabinet.
Brexit 06-07-2016

Cameron faces uphill battle to place new EU Commissioner

Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested naming Britain's Ambassador to France, Julian King, as its new member on the European Commission, EU sources said yesterday (5 July), but faces resistance from EU lawmakers.
Future EU 04-07-2016

Pleas for pragmatism as EU charts post-Brexit future

Senior European political figures appealed Sunday (3 July) for the EU to set aside lofty debate as it struggles with Brexit-style populism, and instead to focus on measures which clearly benefit citizens.
Ex-Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen, in the European Parliament. [EP]

Interim commissioner bonuses branded ‘excessive’

Interim EU commissioners, elected in July, will receive roughly half a million euros for just four months of work, along with a bonus and pension plan comparable to fully-fledged commissioners. This system needs reform, critics contend. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Climate change 01-04-2011

EU officials to limit travel in drive to cut CO2, costs

The European Commission wants to lead by example on reducing CO2 emissions with a decision to apply the world's first personal carbon quotas on commissioners and other Brussels officials.
Public Affairs 17-08-2010

Oettinger under fire for failing to disclose side activities

EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger is under fire as public prosecutors in Stuttgart examine whether he lied in his declaration of interests about side activities. Oettinger is the only commissioner to have changed his declaration – and he has been forced to do so twice. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Public Affairs 23-03-2010

Buzek suggests electing EU commissioners

Jerzy Buzek, the Polish president of the European Parliament, has suggested that future EU commissioners should compete in Europe-wide elections to get a "democratic mandate".
Central Europe 10-02-2010

Polish officials land top jobs in new Commission

At least twelve Polish nationals will feature among the staff of new commissioners and the office of new EU President Herman Van Rompuy, the Polish press reported yesterday (9 February).
Languages & Culture 28-01-2010

Twenty French officials tipped for top EU posts

Up to twenty French officials – and as many Brits and Germans – are to enter the inner circles of the new European commissioners. EURACTIV France reports.
Regional Policy 14-01-2010

The new European Commission

The selection of a new European Commission, never the simplest of political tasks, has this year been more complex than ever. Politically and institutionally, 2009 came with a whole range of permutations regarding the 'how?', 'when?' and 'who?' of the next EU executive.
Future EU 06-11-2009

Hungary nominates economist to EU Commission

Hungary has nominated Laszlo Andor, an international economist and board member at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as its EU commissioner, Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai said on Thursday.
EU Priorities 2020 25-09-2009

A new Barroso?

"The standing of the [European] Commission vis-à-vis the other institutions has fallen during the last five years. It is vital for the European Union that this trend be reversed," writes Stanley Crossick, founder of the European Policy Centre, in a July post on Blogactiv.
EU Priorities 2020 03-03-2009

Sarkozy vague on Barroso’s EU future

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has recommended waiting until Ireland votes on the Lisbon Treaty for a second time before endorsing a candidate to succeed José Manuel Barroso as next president of the European Commission.
Future EU 28-01-2009

Winds of change begin to blow in Brussels

The next European Commission may feature as many as twenty new faces this autumn, as most of its current members are expected to leave the EU executive on their own initiative or as a result of changing national political contexts.
Enlargement 13-12-2006

Green light for Bulgarian and Romanian commissioners

The European Parliament has agreed to the nomination of the Bulgarian and Romanian commissioner candidates, paving the way for their countries’ accession on 1 January 2007.
EU Priorities 2020 24-11-2006

Commissioners designate prepare for Parliament grilling

Following the Parliament’s rejection of Rocco Buttiglione at the 2004-hearings, the new candidates of Bulgaria and Romania will be eager to perform well in the upcoming hearings.
Enlargement 25-10-2006

Bulgaria, Romania propose new commissioners

Meglena Kuneva and Varujan Vosganian have been named as commissioner candidates by Bulgaria and Romania.
Future EU 23-11-2004

‘Barrot affair’ under legal appraisal

The Parliament's legal service is currently examining a 'letter of explanation' from Jacques Barrot on his amnesty related to corruption charges in 2000.
Climate change 04-10-2004

Dimas lacks experience for top environment job, say most MEPs

Most political parties and commentators have pointed to Dimas's lack of experience on environmental issues. Pro-business circles were the only ones to welcome his performance at a hearing in Parliament.
Technology 30-09-2004

Reding pledges “innovation, inclusion and creativity” in information society

At her 'investiture' hearing in Parliament, the future Commissioner for Media and Information Society, Viviane Reding, has pledged to relaunch the EU economy through new technologies.