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Agrifood 13-02-2017

Will MEPs stand up for financial stability over speculation?

MEPs have the power to protect our food security by setting tough standards on speculation. They should not bow to industry lobbying but put consumers first, writes Myriam Vander Stichele.
Germany's living costs are particularly high in a global comparison but in a European context they are just above average, a recent study finds. [Thorben Wenger/pixelio.de]

German living expenses rank high

In Germany, day-to-day goods are one-third more expensive than in the rest of the world. But German price levels rank near average in a European comparison, while living in Switzerland and Norway comes with the highest price-tag, a recent study says. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Ethanol industry hits back over food price claims

Europe's biofuel producers are hitting back at claims that they are at fault for this summer’s high food prices and challenge assertions that crops grown for fuel production are a threat to food supplies.
Energy 10-07-2012

Norway’s government intervenes to avoid oil industry closure

Norway's government ordered on Monday (9 July) a last-minute settlement in a dispute between striking oil workers and employers, averting the shutdown of Western Europe's top oil producer.
Trade & Society 16-06-2011

Europe, US clash with Asia on commodities regulation

Sharp differences emerged between EU-US and Asian policymakers over whether to regulate commodities trading during a policy debate at a European Commission-hosted conference on raw materials, held on Tuesday (14 June) in Brussels.

EU wants market-based answer to commodities surge

Commodity prices have surged largely due to supply and demand bottlenecks and the European Union's response should be "considered and market-based" rather than rely on mandatory curbs, governments are set to agree.

Commission unveils updated raw materials plan

After an aborted first attempt last week, the European Commission lifted the veil yesterday (2 February) on plans to secure access to essential raw materials for European companies. At the request of France, the updated draft now includes measures to improve the transparency of financial and commodity markets.

Sarkozy to take on speculators in EU raw materials policy

In a last ditch effort, France has managed to beef up an EU proposal on commodities and raw materials which tries to make a link between speculation in financial markets and volatile commodity markets, EURACTIV has learned. 
Euro & Finance 22-09-2010

EU to wage war against speculation on commodity markets

Brussels, like Washington, is planning to launch measures to regulate commodity exchanges and curb speculation, as well as step up transparency in food trade after the recent surge in agricultural commodity prices.
Euro & Finance 01-09-2010

France to crack down on commodity derivatives

France warned European commissioners yesterday (31 August) that it will crack down on financial bets made in commodities markets to prevent speculative price movements.