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  • Farmers, green groups line up in final push for CAP

    News | Agrifood 24-06-2013

    EU farm ministers are meeting Monday (24 June) for their latest round of negotiations on the post-2013 Common Agricultural Policy, under pressure to hammer out an agreement in time for a parliamentary vote next month. EURACTIV reports from Luxembourg.

  • Taking the GMO risk out of Europe’s food production

    Special Report | Opinion | Agrifood 07-06-2013

    The EU’s post-2013 Common Agricultural Policy and EU other legislation must guarantee that organic and conventional farmers and food producers are no longer threatened by the risk of GMO contamination, argues Antje Kölling.

  • Commission calls for year-long transition for farm policy

    News | Agrifood 19-04-2013

    In an acknowledgement that agricultural policy has been knocked off course by prolonged deal-making, the European Commission on Thursday (18 April) announced plans for a year-long transition to give farmers and administrators time to implement the still-undecided policies.

  • CAP conclave: Hiding behind a green smokescreen

    Opinion | Agrifood 25-03-2013

    Dacian Ciolo? is stuck between a rock and a hard place over the Common Agricultural Policy he first proposed. He will need to show extraordinary resolve to overcome a possible travesty of democracy in the upcoming trialogue, argue Ariel Brunner and Pieter de Pous.

  • CAP reform: A promising start could end in disappointment

    Opinion | Agrifood 22-03-2013

    With a far broader range of stakeholders than in former times and more decisionmaking power for the European Parliament, there was hope that the CAP debate would lead to reforms that would meet the current and coming challenges for agriculture. Yet the EU could be on course for a disappointing outcome, say Cordula Rutz and Jörg Schramek.

  • Slovakia, Slovenia refuse to sign off on CAP deal

    News | Agrifood 20-03-2013

    Agriculture ministers meeting in Brussels on Tuesday (19 March) forged an incomplete compromise farm policy ahead of key negotiations on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), with Slovakia and Slovenia refusing to sign off on the deal.

  • After landmark CAP vote, the hard work begins

    News | Agrifood 14-03-2013

    MEPs exercised their power to shape agricultural policy for the first time on Wednesday (13 March), voting to adopt a controversial package of legislation that now faces a fresh round of negotiations with national leaders. EURACTIV reports from Strasbourg.

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