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Brexit 04-03-2015

Commission faces EU court over aid to Britain’s Hinkley Point nuclear plant

A German energy cooperative will take legal action against the European Commission for approving state aid for a £16 billion (€22 billion) nuclear power plant in Britain, it said on Wednesday (4 March), arguing it threatens to distort competition.
Workers in Map Ta Phut, a petrochemical industrial hub in Thailand [©Solvay photolibrary]

Chemical industry guarded about its European future

The European chemical sector has issued a “very serious” warning about its slumping competitiveness, but refuses to be alarmist just yet, saying shareholders should not worry, that big industrial groups are now global, and less exposed to Europe.
Elena Butsimirova [photo Gazprom]
Energy 03-07-2014

Gazprom puts on a tender face

Gazprom has appointed a new head of its export division, effectively the world's most powerful gas trader: Elena Burmistrova, who was swiftly ushered in to talks with President Vladimir Putin.
Energy 08-09-2011

EU attempts to ‘speak with one voice’ on energy

Günter Oettinger, the EU's energy commissioner, yesterday (7 September) unveiled proposals aimed at strengthening the EU's voice on energy matters vis-à-vis foreign countries such as Russia. But the proposal appears to face an uphill battle.
Energy 20-12-2010

Hungary to hold ‘energy summit’ at EU helm

Hungary plans to concentrate on the big picture of EU energy policy as it takes on the EU's rotating presidency in January. Energy will feature prominently at the new presidency's first EU summit on 4 February.
Energy 08-11-2010

Commission to unveil €1trln energy strategy for 2020

The European Commission will present on Wednesday (10 November) its energy strategy for the coming decade, calling for investment of around €1 trillion to secure the bloc's energy needs in a sustainable way.
EU Priorities 2020 09-06-2010

Parliament chief drums up support for EU ‘energy community’

Europe is at a crossroads: to boost growth and emerge from the economic crisis, it needs to forge an energy community with or without treaty change, said European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek at a meeting with national parliamentarians in Brussels. 
Energy 25-03-2010

Oettinger says Nabucco may be delayed

The completion of the Nabucco gas pipeline may be delayed by four years to 2018, the European Union Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said in an interview published in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung on Thursday (25 March).
Energy 01-03-2010

EU countries to report about energy investment plans

The European Parliament passed a draft regulation on 25 February allowing the European Commission to obtain more information about major energy projects planned in EU member states. The move was hailed as a step towards a more coordinated EU energy policy.
EU Priorities 2020 15-01-2010

Oettinger defends European vision on energy

Germany's Günther Oettinger, who has been nominated for the European Commission's energy portfolio, sought to prove his European credentials at his confirmation hearing by outlining plans to enforce energy solidarity and spelling an end to bilateral energy deals with suppliers such as Russia.
EU Priorities 2020 05-11-2009

Buzek calls for creation of EU Energy Community

Speaking yesterday (4 November) at the opening ceremony of the College of Europe's Bruges campus, European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek identified the creation of a European Energy Community as the next big vision for Europe.
Energy 04-02-2009

Parliament backs bold plans for EU’s energy future

The European Parliament yesterday (3 February) endorsed a comprehensive blueprint for the bloc's future energy policy, including more ambitious targets on climate change and renewable energies in proposals due to be submitted to EU leaders next month.
Energy 03-02-2009

Czechs push for greater EU focus on electricity

The EU should focus its attention on building new power production and transmission capacity, because energy security is not only about diversifying supplies away from oil and gas, said speakers at a conference organised by the Czech EU Presidency. EURACTIV Czech Republic reports from Ostrava.
Energy 03-11-2008

Piebalgs wants EU-wide energy regulator

EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs has announced his intention to propose a new EU-wide energy regulator, with equal powers to national regulators, and to push for greater independence of national watchdogs.
Energy 09-09-2008

EU, Africa unveil ‘ambitious’ energy partnership

The partnership will involve investments worth over €600 million to support electrification in Africa as well as renewable energy projects that would help diversify Europe's energy supplies. A further agreement could be reached on Wednesday on a Transaharan Gas Pipeline, nicknamed the 'African Nabucco'.
Energy 05-09-2008

IEA urges EU to fully liberalise energy markets

The Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) has published its first review of EU energy policy, endorsing controversial Commission plans to break up European energy giants and calling for greater cross-border trade in renewable energy among other recommendations.
Med & South 06-02-2008

Conference hears EU energy supply anxieties

Russia and Gazprom were on everyone's lips at the annual conference of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) in Brussels last week, which focused on the EU's external energy policy.
Energy 02-11-2007

EU deepens energy relations with Africa and Middle East

Key energy players from the EU, Africa and the Middle East have come together for the first time to debate common challenges and policies in the field of energy security.
Energy 03-08-2007

EU braces for next round of ‘difficult’ energy talks

The second half of 2007 promises renewed tensions as legislators prepare to hammer out the EU's future energy policy. Controversial Commission proposals on energy market liberalisation are due in September, with renewables and CO2 burden-sharing proposals scheduled for the end of the year.
Energy 29-03-2007

Regional energy markets picking up steam

The ten initiatives for regional gas and electricity markets, launched in spring 2006, have identified priorities and are shortly to be moved into their implementation phase.
Energy 21-03-2007

EU trying to solve renewable-energy ‘headache’

Officials said that the Commission was still unsure about how it will share the burden among member states, after EU leaders agreed earlier in March to have 20% of their overall energy needs covered by renewables by 2020.
Energy 07-03-2007

Brussels urges ‘sea-change’ in EU energy research

The European Commission will ask EU leaders to support a Strategic Energy Technology Plan to put Europe on course for a low-carbon future at the Spring Summit this week. However, national considerations once again risk dampening EU ambitions.

Ministers to decide EU climate targets for 2020

Commission proposals to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 20% by 2020 should receive backing by the Environment Council on 20 February, despite opposition from Hungary and Poland.
Trade & Society 08-01-2007

EU to unveil plans for energy ‘industrial revolution’

In a paper to be presented this week, the Commission proposes a three-year road map towards a common European energy policy, with the aim of achieving a 20% greenhouse-gas emissions reduction by 2020.