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Why are we not reforming the Dublin Regulation yet?

In view of the long-blocked negotiations about the reform of the EU's Dublin asylum system, Luigi Achilli argues that it is not migration but the lack of a common European response that is putting the EU's future at risk.
Global Europe 03-10-2014

Europe cannot remain indifferent to what happened in Lampedusa

The European Union and its Member States must make a paradigm shift in regard to migration policies, writes Jorge Nuño Mayer.
Josefa Foundation

Freedom of movement under European conditions

Freedom of movement is one of the main achievements of the EU. So why doesn't it apply to refugees living in Europe? A mutual recognition of countries' asylum decisions is urgently needed, Gilbert Granjon writes.

Will the EU stop detaining migrants at last?

It has become a routine in the EU to use detention against migrants and asylum seekers, including children. This is clearly in breach of the international refugee law and against all international standards, writes Jorge Nuño Mayer.

EU’s capital Brussels is no stranger to refugee horrors

On a chilly morning last week, Alda Sousa and Gabi Zimmer, the head of the GUE/NGL leftist political group in the European Parliament, visited the Afghan refugee camped outside the Béguinage church in the Sainte-Catherine district of Brussels. Sousa wrote down her experience for EURACTIV.