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Future EU 06-05-2021

A global Europe in action

The Conference on the Future of Europe can catalyse much-needed reflection on how to revamp the EU’s external action. But, most importantly, if the EU wants to secure its position as a top-tier geopolitical player, it should overcome self-doubt and learn by doing, writes Javier Solana.
Global Europe 29-06-2020

‘Sovereignty and solidarity’: Germany’s plans for the EU’s foreign policy

Solidarity and sovereignty is the name of the game for the German presidency, according to Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD). In a speech on Monday, he emphasised the need for greater EU independence from the current geopolitical power struggle between the US and China.
Brexit 03-02-2020

MPs call for an Anglo-German post-Brexit ‘friendship treaty’

A British MP and his German counterpart have called for a post-Brexit “treaty of friendship” between the two countries, as concerns grow in Berlin that relations could turn increasingly hostile over the coming months.

EU’s finance for African security missions has ‘poor effect’, say auditors

The EU’s financial support for African peace and security policies “has had a poor effect and needs refocusing,” the European Court of Auditors said in a report published on Tuesday (18 September).
Defence policy 18-10-2017

Finnish President: What is a union that cannot provide security for its citizens?

Finland's President Sauli Niinistö does not rule out a common foreign policy, which would make the European Union a global player. In an interview with EURACTIV’s media partner Gazeta Wyborcza, he speaks about security threats on the eastern border and his support for deeper integration in security and defence policy.
Global Europe 14-07-2016

EU unable to adopt statement upholding South China Sea ruling

EU countries are unable to adopt a declaration telling China it should abide by the recent ruling by the South China Sea arbitral tribunal, which said there was no legal basis for China to claim historic rights to resources within its nine-dash line, covering nearly 90% of the area.
Global Europe 19-05-2016

All eyes focus on language about Russia in EU Global Strategy

The language on Russia is the most discussed element of the EU Global Strategy, the guide for the European Union’s global actions in the future, which is being prepared by the Union’s foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini, diplomats said today (19 May).

Migration crisis morphs ‘enlargement fatigue’ into realpolitik

The migration crisis is putting pressure on the EU to re-open accession negotiations with strategic neighbours. But it should take care not to compromise its values, writes Peter Van Elsuwege.

Barnier: The EU is at risk of disintegration

Michel Barnier, former Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, now Special Counsellor for Defence Policy to Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, said on Wednesday (1 December) that he saw a serious risk of the EU disintegrating.
Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the EC, speaks during a visit to Iraq, 22 Dec. 2014

Mogherini pledges ‘concrete action’ in response to Paris attack

European Union governments and officials are discussing responses to the killing of French journalists in Paris and could propose new policies in the coming weeks, officials said on Thursday (8 January).
Federica Mogherini [European Commission]
Global Europe 30-08-2014

Profile: Federica Mogherini, the next EU foreign affairs chief

Federica Mogherini, the 41-year-old Italian minister for foreign affairs, will lead the EU’s foreign policy for the next five years.
Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe
EU Priorities 2020 27-08-2014

Hoping for an unexpectedly strong EU foreign policy chief

On 30 August, European leaders will gather to announce what they hope will be a weak successor to Catherine Ashton. It would be better for the EU if those hopes were dashed and a strong individual were to emerge, writes Jan Techau.
A Taranis drone prepares for takeoff at an airfield in England. [© 2014 BAE Systems]
Transport 23-07-2014

Eurodrones: too politically loaded a venture for Europe?

The downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight in eastern Ukraine has highlighted how unmanned aircraft could help Europe when it comes to surveillance operations in warzones.
Federica Mogherini (right), Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs, speaks with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton in Brussels, 3 March 2014 [Photo: The Council of the European Union]
EU Elections 2014 15-07-2014

Poland, Baltic states hesitant over Mogherini

Poland and the Baltic states are uneasy about Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini's bid to be European Union foreign policy chief, concerned that she may be soft on Russia, but look unlikely to block her, diplomats said on Monday (14 July).
NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at her residence in Berlin. [NATO]
Europe's East 03-07-2014

Merkel sceptical of NATO deployments in Eastern Europe

During a visit by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel reacted with caution to calls for permanent deployment of allied troops in Eastern European countries, amid fears of Russian retaliation in several member states. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Woman protesting on Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt [UN Women Rights/Flickr]
Global Europe 27-06-2014

EU will struggle to engage in Egypt

Egypt today is looking disturbingly similar to the country during its 'Mubarak years'. But does the EU have the influence and tools to counter this? Lisa Watanabe
Ban Ki-moon, secretary general of the UN [World Economic Forum]
Global Europe 16-04-2014

Hole in the heart of Africa

"Desperate is an understatement", writes Ban Ki-moon on the situation in the Central African Republic (CAR). The recently approved UN peacekeeping mission gives European countries a heavy responsibility: bring security and stability to this nation in ruins.
Languages & Culture 23-01-2014

2014 will test Franco-German alliance, analysts predict

Three prominent political analysts spoke with EURACTIV.de on the 51th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, evaluating the Franco-German partnership in 2014 and challenges for the years ahead.

Failure to set a robust 2030 climate target will hurt our national security

Climate change is not just an environmental concern, it is a national security issue and failing to address it effectively with a tough greenhouse gas emissions reduction target now will ultimately threaten our way of life, argues Rear Admiral Neil Moriseti.
Development Policy 20-01-2014

German NGOs assess role in post-NATO Afghanistan

EU foreign affairs ministers on Monday (20 January) will review the situation in Afghanistan ahead of elections in April and the impending withdrawal of NATO armed forces. German NGOs hope the pull-out will reduce Taliban attacks on aid workers by ending the confusion between aid and military operations, EURACTIV.de reports.
Global Europe 18-12-2013

EU summit wrap up: defence, growth and jobs

Heads of state and government have met in Brussels on 19 and 20 December for a European Council summit. Security and defence as well as the economic and monetary union were the main topics on the agenda. Find our sum-up of all developments at the summit in the feed below.
Global Europe 12-07-2013

Verheugen: EU needs to respond to external, internal chaos

The European Union needs to strengthen itself internally if it is to become a global power, two former EU commissioners and an ex-president of the European Parliament told a conference in Warsaw. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Europe's East 02-04-2013

EU’s neighbourhood policy becoming more political, say experts

The European Neighbourhood Policy is becoming more  "political", experts have told EURACTIV, citing the growing role of Catherine Ashton's External Action Service (EEAS) in Europe’s fragmented eastern neighbourhood.
Global Europe 14-01-2013

Barroso hails ‘courageous’ French action in Mali

Paris poured more troops into Mali yesterday, after launching a mission to dislodge al-Qaeda-linked insurgents from the country's north on Friday (11 January), and taking many by surprise. European Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, gave his support for the “courageous action of the French troops”.