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Coronavirus 26-03-2020

France wants EU to win virus ‘communications battle’

European solidarity is being put to the test as some EU member states are not supporting the idea of 'corona bonds' and the EU's approach to communicating with the public about the crisis remains too discreet, according to Paris. EURACTIV France reports.
Politics 29-01-2020

Communications and identity: A make-or-break year for the EU

With one of its important members seceding, the EU is navigating dangerous and uncharted waters and will need to take a more proactive approach in terms of communication to ensure that the ship stays on course, writes Anthony Spota.
Economy & Jobs 19-10-2018

Story-telling is key for Europe

While Cohesion Policy remains a cornerstone of EU's action to boost growth and reduce inequalities in the continent, the policy lacks visibility, writes MEP Lambert van Nistelrooij.
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Digital & Media 30-11-2017

The YouTube Pop-up Space in Brussels

Last week, YouTube hosted a Pop-up Space in Belgium for the first time. The space was designed to give YouTubers the opportunity to learn, connect and create.
Digital & Media 28-04-2017

Yellow Academy: Staying Relevant in the EU Policy Space

EURACTIV’s Yellow Academy is a series of workshops on EU lobbying and communication with a strong focus on case studies.

Yellow Academy: Measuring the impact of your public affairs efforts

EURACTIV’s Yellow Academy is a series of workshops on EU lobbying and communication with a strong focus on case studies.
Digital & Media 17-10-2016

Europe in the great new age of communication

Regulation can improve the competitive environment and give consumers a better deal, but the EU’s proposal to enforce “neutrality” on internet platforms does the opposite, argues Diego Zuluaga.
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Giles Keane: Adapting your message to your audience
Politics 13-05-2016

Adapting your message to your audience

The 2016 series of Yellow Academy events continues on 19 May with a session led by Giles Keane from Acumen Public Affairs, titled “Adapting your message to your audience”.
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Defensive communication: countering criticism and dealing with bad press
Politics 18-04-2016

Defensive communication: countering criticism and dealing with bad press

The 2016 Yellow Academy continues on 21 April with a session led by Alexandria Hicks from FleishmanHillard, titled “Defensive communication: countering criticism and dealing with bad press”.
Development Policy 10-12-2014

Details emerge about the European Year for Development 2015

The European Union is launching the “European Year for Development 2015". The first details were disclosed during a public event held in Brussels on Tuesday (9 November).
Jean-Claude Juncker [European Commission]

Juncker: I will always respond to unfair criticism from national EU leaders

Jean-Claude Juncker signaled that his Commission will be very different from that of his predecessor, José Manuel Barroso. Not only did he personally meet the press following the weekly College meeting. Juncker announced that he would not leave any unfair criticism coming from EU capitals without a reply.
EU Priorities 2020 31-10-2014

Barroso’s spokespeople say goodbye, Juncker team prepares to take over

The team of the outgoing European Commission's spokespeople said an emotional ‘goodbye’ to the Brussels press corps today, pending the commencement on Monday (3 November) of a revamped service working for the Juncker Commission.
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Politics 11-03-2014

The importance of digital technologies and social media

The Yellow Academy is a series of 7 workshops on EU lobbying and communication with a strong focus on case studies.
Trade & Society 12-07-2012

Brussels unveils ‘smart cities’ innovation scheme

The European Commission has announced a new €365 million a year innovation partnership scheme aimed at boosting the development of ‘smart’ technologies in cities, EU officials told the press on Tuesday (10 July). 
Languages & Culture 18-07-2011

EU licence fee would maintain quality TV, says Euronews boss

A European licence fee could help broadcasters to maintain a quality and independent news service, says Euronews boss Philippe Cayla in an interview with EURACTIV. 
Digital & Media 18-07-2011

Euronews: Licence fee would boost quality of news media

A European licence fee could help broadcasters to maintain a quality and independent news service, says Euronews' boss Philippe Cayla in an interview with EURACTIV.
Public Affairs 22-06-2011

Communication chief: EU journalism becoming ‘faster, but less deep’

Reflecting on journalism in Brussels after an absence of six years from the EU's capital, Reijo Kemppinen, the European Council's director-general for press and communications, deplored its decline in terms of "depth".
Public Affairs 22-06-2011

EU communication chief: Understanding national audiences is key

Cooperation between the European institutions could be improved if the European Commission and the Parliament were more mindful of the realities in EU member states, Reijo Kemppinen, director-general for press and communications at the European Council, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

Reding: ‘Companies don’t take protection of personal data seriously enough’

Recent data protection breaches involving Apple and Sony show that "the protection of personal data doesn't work properly," says the EU commissioner in charge of justice and fundamental rights Viviane Reding. In a wide-ranging interview with EURACTIV, she also discusses other issues such as EU communications, media funding, Roma discrimination and gender quotas.
EU Priorities 2020 19-10-2010

Crossick remembered for passionate commitment to EU integration

EURACTIV is republishing this interview in memory of Stanley Crossick, political analyst, doyen of EU integration and founding chairman of the European Policy Centre, who sadly passed away on 20 November. It is up to member states, not Brussels, to inform citizens about the benefits of the EU and prevent them from being deceived, Stanley told EURACTIV in his last interview in October.
Public Affairs 15-10-2010

Local angle ‘key’ to communicating EU

Localisation is the key to better communicating EU policy issues to journalists, EU officials and media professionals agreed at a conference in Brussels yesterday (14 October). 
Public Affairs 08-09-2010

Parliament wants media to ‘better communicate’ EU

Better communication of EU affairs by public service broadcasters is key to bridging the gap between the European Union and its citizens, said the European Parliament yesterday (7 September), highlighting in particular the "huge potential" of social media to reach out to young people. 
Public Affairs 30-08-2010

Commission plans communication ‘revolution’

The European Commission's communication strategy is undergoing structural change in a re-branding centred on President José Manuel Barroso, increased centralisation of public communications, a new organisational chart and a key reshuffle of top officials, a person close to the matter told EURACTIV.
Public Affairs 19-08-2010

Parliament to launch Second Life-style online assembly

The European Parliament is developing a new virtual role-playing game and social networking forum to boost citizens' understanding of how the EU works. But critics predict the website will become an expensive "virtual ghost" with very few users.