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Politics 05-09-2017

Communication: The weak part of European integration

The European Commission’s White Paper on the Future of Europe is a sad confirmation of the absence of a future vision and leadership, writes Stavros Papagianneas.
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Public Affairs 28-05-2015

How to integrate annual meetings into your communications strategy

The Yellow Academy is a series of 7 workshops on EU lobbying and communication with a strong focus on case studies.
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EU Priorities 2020 31-10-2014

Commission’s spokespeople say goodbye

The European Commission's team of spokespeople said ‘goodbye’ to the Brussels press on Friday, as a revamped service working for the Juncker Commission will start on Monday.
Trade & Society 09-09-2014

De Gucht rejects claims Commission misrepresented benefits of TTIP

EXCLUSIVE: The European Commission has rejected claims it misrepresented the possible economic benefits of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
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Politics 17-03-2014

Kellen and AGEP join forces

Kellen Europe and AGEP, the two leading Brussels’ based Association Management Companies, today announced that they have joined forces.
Energy 11-02-2011

Oettinger plans energy roadshow amid doubts on EU communication

As experts increasingly express doubts about the EU's "hesitations" and communications failures, Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger has announced plans for an "energy roadshow".
EU Priorities 2020 19-10-2010

Citizens’ distrust in Europe fuelled by member states: EU doyen

It is up to member states, not Brussels, to inform citizens about the benefits of the EU and prevent them from being deceived, Stanley Crossick, a political analyst and doyen of EU integration, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Public Affairs 15-10-2010

Local angle ‘key’ to communicating EU

Localisation is the key to better communicating EU policy issues to journalists, EU officials and media professionals agreed at a conference in Brussels yesterday (14 October). 
Public Affairs 08-09-2010

Parliament wants media to ‘better communicate’ EU

Better communication of EU affairs by public service broadcasters is key to bridging the gap between the European Union and its citizens, said the European Parliament yesterday (7 September), highlighting in particular the "huge potential" of social media to reach out to young people. 
Public Affairs 02-09-2009

Berlusconi threatens to block EU over migrant row

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Tuesday (1 September) threatened to block European Union decision-making unless EU commissioners and their spokespeople were barred from speaking publicly.
Public Affairs 26-08-2009

EU Communication Policy

Communicating with EU citizens has long been a primary concern of the European Commission, with the need to boost popular trust in the European project becoming more important following the rejection of the EU constitution by French and Dutch voters and more recently rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by the Irish.
Public Affairs 08-07-2009

Business warned against ‘uncoordinated’ PA strategies

Public affairs professionals are in the trust business, heard participants in last week's European Communication Summit in Brussels, but that trust is in danger of being compromised by uncoordinated communications strategies that antagonise policymakers.
Public Affairs 15-01-2009

Expert: Brussels needs ‘mind-shift away from traditional communications’

A "mind-shift away from traditional communications" is required if Brussels-based public affairs professionals are to embrace the potential of blogs and other online tools to help "break the cycle of one-way communication," Helen Dunnett, eCommunications manager at the European Crop Protection Association, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Public Affairs 15-01-2009

Interview: Brussels lobbyists ‘unsure about the web’

"Communications in Brussels still tends to be one-directional, with a stoic resistance to using online tools to enrich press conferences, releases and events," according to Helen Dunnett, eCommunications manager at the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA).
Public Affairs 04-03-2008

Now’s the time for the EU to improve communication with citizens

"The time has come to improve communication between Europe and its citizens," argues Dr. Susana del Río, a senior consultant in the fields of participation and communication with EU citizens.
EU Priorities 2020 09-03-2007

Conference: ‘EU communication should go local’

The results of an FP6 research project were presented at a conference, 'AIMing at Europe: The EU and the Challenge of Communication', on 1-2 March 2007 in Brussels.
EU Priorities 2020 01-12-2006

‘European Train’ stops for young people

EU officials and young Europeans get together for a debate to launch the 'in transit' project on the occasion of the Union's 50th anniversary.
Future EU 25-10-2006

Commission issues work programme for 2007

Prosperity, solidarity, security, and a stronger voice in the world to be the basis for action in 2007.
Public Affairs 12-06-2006

Analysis: Elements of the EU communication white paper

Christophe Leclercq and Kristina Weich Hondrila from EURACTIV write in this aritlce published by Politik & Kommunikation article (in German) about possible developments of the EU communication policy.  The consultation period on the white paper on EU communication will close at the end of July.
Public Affairs 09-06-2006

Analysis: Selling reforms

Tasso Enzweiler analyses in this article published by Politik & Kommunikation the communication strategy of the German government.  It has to learn to sell its reforms to the citizens – a task, which is not always easy.
Public Affairs 29-05-2006

Analysis: Brussels new salesmen – EU communication policy

Manuel Lianos analyses in this articly published in Politik & Kommunikation reactions following the publication of the white paper on EU communication policy.  While the Commission and journalists in Brussels are still arguing about the initiative, a new pilot project by the Commission has already started in Berlin. The complete version of this article is available in German.
Public Affairs 03-05-2006

France steps up work to reach citizens on EU

France has launched a new internet portal on EU, touteleurope.fr.,  while a report by the country's European Commission’s representation has provided fresh input to the debate on EU communication.
Public Affairs 04-04-2006

Analysis: ‘Europe in Dialogue’ – the EU communication policy

The 15th issue of “EU-Nachrichten”, published by the German representation of the EU Commission, deals with the white paper on a European communication policy presented by the Commission on 1 February 2006.   Concentrating on Germany and German actors, this issue presents examples of and proposals for the debate.   The complete version of this publication is available in German.
Public Affairs 20-03-2006

Communication of political reforms: trust is good, trust is better

Wolfgang Kreuter writes in this Politik & Kommunikation article about the dilemma of political communication in Germany.  Poltical reforms are becoming more and more of a patchwork and have a short life-span.  Only if politicians are able to explain this to their electorates might they have a chance of regaining their trust. The full text is only available in German.