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Global Europe 01-09-2010

‘Murder Bureau’: Department of Murders existed in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian state security services once had a top-secret special bureau responsible for the eradication, kidnapping or discrediting of Bulgarian émigrés around the world, alleges investigative journalist Alexenia Dimitrova of daily newspaper 24 Hours in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV. 
Elections 11-06-2010

The left and right wing in Bulgaria

In Bulgarian politics, the right-wing has traditionally been Western-oriented and the left pro-Russian. Yet since the country's entry into the EU the differences between left and right have decreased and more pragmatic policies are being pursued, writes Bulgarian MEP Emil Stoyanov (European People's Party) in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Enlargement 27-06-2002

Open Them Up

Open Them Up More than a decade after the collapse of communism, it is time for Hungary and other post-communist countries to open up their secret police files. Yet another spy scandal is rocking the post-communist world. This time, the...