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Not out yet, Britain backs EU patent court

Britain pleased and surprised some of its European Union partners on Monday by pledging to ratify a new, unified patent system for the bloc even though London is about to leave the EU.

Survey: single European patent winning over companies

Europe's new one-stop patent system is winning over companies despite initial criticism from lawyers and some multinationals of the scheme, which is expected to come into effect in 2016, according to a survey released on Monday (2 June).
Elections 20-12-2013

Denmark bundles patent court referendum with 2014 EU election

Danes will vote in May next year on whether or not to join the EU's Unified Patent Court, the Danish government confirmed on Thursday evening (19 December).
Languages & Culture 11-12-2012

EU patent finally sees light – without Spain and Italy

A system that made patent registration up to 60 times more expensive in Europe than in China is being scrapped in favour of a one-size-fits-all pan-European process. But Spain and Italy refused to join the scheme because of language concerns.

25 countries give green light to European patent

Ministers from 25 member states have decided to go ahead with plans to introduce a common system for registering patents that would save European businesses millions of euros each year. Meanwhile, Italy and Spain are still refusing to join in, and difficult legal issues remain unresolved.

Parliament to press ahead with EU patent

Despite doubts over the legality of the proposed linguistic regime, the European Parliament is expected to give its green light tomorrow (15 February) to using the so-called 'enhanced cooperation' procedure to launch a common EU patent system without Spain and Italy on board.

Ministers still deadlocked on EU patent

A final deal on the EU patent was still being held hostage by divergent national interests yesterday (11 October) at a Competitiveness Council held in Luxembourg. 
Languages & Culture 11-10-2010

EU looks to Rome, Madrid for patent deal

The Belgian EU Presidency will try to narrow the distance between national delegations on the long-standing issue of languages and translations during a meeting of EU ministers starting today (11 October) in Luxembourg.
Trade & Society 01-09-2010

Parliament and governments block EU patent

Seven EU countries and the European Parliament have told the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that the European Commission's plans for a single patent court are unacceptable, EURACTIV has learned. The move leaves Europe deeply divided on an issue that goes to the heart of efforts to boost innovation and competitiveness.
Languages & Culture 02-07-2010

EU seeks to break patent translation deadlock

Innovative companies could see a dramatic reduction in the cost of patenting new inventions, if a controversial European Commission plan is adopted by EU governments. The new rules could pave the way for a single European patent to be issued in one of just three languages – English, French or German.
Languages & Culture 24-06-2010

EU patent to make or break Belgian Presidency

Language and legal disputes have prevented several EU presidencies from creating a Community patent. Now Belgium, known for its own linguistic problems, has vowed it will try to resolve the issue during its own stint at the EU's helm. 
Brexit 04-12-2009

Sweden claims breakthrough on EU patent impasse

Business groups hailed a landmark political deal in Brussels on Friday (4 December), as EU industry ministers agreed a package of measures which could pave the way for a European Community patent. However, there are concerns that the thorny issue of translation costs has merely been set aside and will be dealt with separately.

Patents suffer as crisis hits innovation

It may be the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, but the recession has stifled new patent applications and experts say the worst is yet to come.
Brexit 30-06-2009

Halve patent fees for SMEs, says EU think-tank

Small, innovative companies should be given special status by the European Patent Office (EPO) in order to remove barriers to intellectual property protection, according to a new report by the Brussels-based Bruegel think-tank.

EU proposes legal steps towards common patent

European research ministers are expected to take a significant step towards introducing a Community patent when they meet tomorrow (28 May) in Brussels to discuss ways of improving competitiveness.

Patent applications falling across Europe

Preliminary figures from the European Patent Office (EPO) reveal that the number of applications for new patents is down 7% in the first two months of 2009. This is the first reduction in patent applications in over a decade, sparking fears that Europe's knowledge economy is under threat.

Patent litigation reform to cut costs for SMEs

The European Commission is seeking powers from EU member states to conclude an agreement on a Unified Patent Litigation System (UPLS), which would establish a court with jurisdiction for existing European patents and the future Community patent system.

Europe ‘wasting billions’ by duplicating research

The European Union is wasting billions by investing in new research projects which have already been done by other European scientists, Roland Strauss of Knowledge4Innovation told EURACTIV in an interview. Improved communication between research institutes and better use of existing patents could lead to sizeable savings, he said. 

Czechs vow to revive Community patent talks

Czech Deputy Prime Minister Alexandr Vondra, responsible for EU affairs, has pledged to work towards devising an EU-wide Community patent. Describing the existing system as "fragmented and inefficient," he said Europe's intellectual property infrastructure is stifling innovation and holding back progress on the Lisbon Agenda.

Study: Fragmented EU patent system impedes innovation

The lack of a Europe-wide Community patent poses "incredible challenges" for small businesses and undermines the EU's goal of becoming the most competitive knowledge-based economy in the world, according to a new study.
Brexit 01-10-2008

Interview: ‘Everything in the SBA is negotiable’

All measures in the recently proposed Small Business Act (SBA) are "negotiable", including one on a reduced VAT rate which is strongly opposed by several member states, Commisson Vice-President responsible for enterprise Günter Verheugen told EURACTIV in an interview.

Interview: Community patent ‘too little too late’

To unlock Europe's innovation potential, the EU should adhere to the European Patent Convention rather than pursue the creation of a community patent on which unanimous consent is impossible, argues ProTon Europe, an organisation specialised in knowledge transfer, in an interview with EURACTIV.

Commission bids to salvage EU patent law

The Commission's new approach for a future patent system in Europe builds on proposals for a single EU-wide judiciary with competence for litigation.

Lack of Community Patent ‘significant barrier to innovation’

A new Commission Communication tells EU leaders to support the creation of a European Institute of Technology and to break the logjam on the Community Patent in order to foster innovation in Europe.