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Global Europe 06-03-2020

German family minister wants to expand gender quotas for top jobs

German Family Minister Franziska Giffey of the Social Democrats (SPD) wants to expand the quota of women in the workplace to apply to supervisory and management boards. While coalition partners have criticised her plans, she remains determined not to give up on the potential of qualified women. EURACTIV Germany reports.
“I am convinced that this law will bring about a cultural shift in the working world," said Manuela Schwesig, Germany's Federal Minister of Family Affairs in response to the gender quota. [Marcus Sümnick/Flickr]

Germany to legislate 30% women on company boards

Supervisory boards in Germany’s roughly 100 listed companies will be subject to a gender quota starting in 2016, requiring that 30% of these positions be filled by women. EURACTIV Germany reports.

MEPs back Reding in effort to crack glass ceiling

The European Parliament backed on Wednesday (20 November) the European Commission's proposal to increase the number of women in Europe's company boardrooms, which in 2013 stood at only 17.6% for non-executive boards.  
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Economy & Jobs 20-11-2013

Parliament backs Reding’s gender quotas

The European Parliament backed the European Commission's proposal on Wednesday (20 November) to increase the number of women in Europe's company boardrooms, which in 2013 stood at only 17.6% for non-executive boards.

MEPs back 40% quota for women on company boards

Two European Parliament committees backed the Commission’s proposal to have 40% women on company boards, but failed to extend it to executive boards.

The EU needs to take gender equality seriously

A 2011 Eurobarometer survey found that 88% of Europeans consider that women should be equally represented in company leadership positions. Let’s hope that the directly-elected members of the European Parliament and member states are listening, says Gabriele Suder.

Reding pushes 40% female quota on corporate boards

Three weeks after her initial plan to impose gender quotas on company boards met with strong opposition, EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding unveiled a new proposal. But this time it was criticised for being too weak.
Languages & Culture 02-05-2012

Women stereotypes: Time for a reflection within the media

As the European Union considers imposing binding quotas for women on companies' boards, similar instruments should also be envisaged for media boards, argues Klaus Heeger.

Ministers agree to act for more women on company boards

During a debate to improve the number of women in top positions, EU ministers gave the green light to Commission vice-president Viviane Reding “to do something” to boost gender balance, which is "good for business."