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Economy & Jobs 25-04-2018

EU clamps down on letter box firms’ tax avoidance, social dumping

The European Commission on Wednesday (25 April) proposed new rules to clamp down on firms that relocate within the EU for the purpose of cutting their tax bills, setting up mere letter box companies.
Economy & Jobs 06-10-2017

Cross-border mobility of companies: ‘Real seat’ vs ‘incorporation’

EU member states have adopted contrasting approaches to the cross-border mobility of companies, with some insisting on “real” economic activity and others happy to consider the legally-registered office instead. How the EU eventually decides could have important implications, writes Corrado Malberti.
Economy & Jobs 03-10-2017

Jourova: EU rules on company seat transfers means savings for business

European firms could save millions in start-up and merger costs if they could use EU rules on cross-border transfer of registered office, says Věra Jourová, adding the saved money would be better invested in jobs, innovation and growth.
Economy & Jobs 02-10-2017

EU eyes corporate rules shake-up with law on seat transfer

The European Commission is preparing a new directive on the cross-border transfer of company seats, a move that could have far-reaching implications for other areas of corporate governance, including tax planning and cross-border mergers, EURACTIV has learned.

MEPs support EU rules on commercial disputes

Small businesses have expressed fears that the introduction of harmonised EU rules on the choice of jurisdiction in cross-border disputes will hinder growth and jobs as compliance with 27 consumer laws would be too costly.
Brexit 04-10-2007

Commission gives up on ‘one share, one vote’ reform

Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has announced that he will be abandoning controversial plans aimed at making companies more accountable and efficient by awarding all shareholders equal voting rights.
Brexit 15-05-2007

Business calls for EU Private Company Statute for SMEs

Business representatives are urging the Commission to create a European Private Company (EPC) statute in order to help Europe's small- and medium-sized enterprises to do business across borders.
Euro & Finance 26-10-2005

Financial industry must self-regulate for risk

A high-level conference in Brussels on 25 October discussed the issue of how investors and industry could best be protected from any future accounting debacles.
Digital & Media 17-06-2005

EU waking up to sounds of e-contracting conclusion

The European Commission has asked the Council for permission to speak on the EU's behalf in UN negotiations on electronic contracting.
Competition 19-11-2003

Cross-border mergers to be made simpler

The Commission has tabled a proposal for a directive on cross-border mergers to overcome obstacles presented by differences in national legislation.
Euro & Finance 12-06-2003

Commission welcomes measures facilitating management of company data

The Commission has welcomed the Council's adoption of modifications to the First Company Law Directive, which will facilitate public access to company information and will simplify the disclosure formalities.
Competition 25-02-2003

Commission plans to make company finances more transparent

The Commission is readying a plan to increase financial transparency among Member State companies, to boost investor confidence.
EU Priorities 2020 02-10-2002

Council wants action plan on corporate governance

On 30 September the new Competitiveness Council concluded the EU needs an action plan on company law, including corporate governance.

Take-over directive finally approved

During the agriculture council, EU ministers finally approved the long-debated take-over directive.