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Economy & Jobs 25-04-2018

EU clamps down on letter box firms’ tax avoidance, social dumping

The European Commission on Wednesday (25 April) proposed new rules to clamp down on firms that relocate within the EU for the purpose of cutting their tax bills, setting up mere letter box companies.
Economy & Jobs 02-10-2017

EU eyes corporate rules shake-up with law on seat transfer

The European Commission is preparing a new directive on the cross-border transfer of company seats, a move that could have far-reaching implications for other areas of corporate governance, including tax planning and cross-border mergers, EURACTIV has learned.
Brexit 04-10-2007

Commission gives up on ‘one share, one vote’ reform

Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has announced that he will be abandoning controversial plans aimed at making companies more accountable and efficient by awarding all shareholders equal voting rights.
Brexit 15-05-2007

Business calls for EU Private Company Statute for SMEs

Business representatives are urging the Commission to create a European Private Company (EPC) statute in order to help Europe's small- and medium-sized enterprises to do business across borders.

EU Actors support EU-wide consolidated company tax base

At an EU conference on company taxation on 29-30 April, EU Actors gave considerable support to the Commission's proposal that companies should ultimately be allowed to use a single consolidated tax base for their EU-wide business activities.
Climate change 02-05-2002

EU-US discuss terrorism and trade

EU and US leaders are meeting on 2 May 2002 in Washington to discuss terrorism, trade, and other topics of importance to both regions. This is the second Summit with the Bush Administration after the EU-US Summit in Göteborg in June 2001.

CEPS study questions value of an EU company without an EU tax

A new study published by CEPS (the Centre for European Policy Studies) proposes a Corporate Tax Action Plan as a means of achieving corporate tax reform in the EU.

Commission hosts conference to debate future strategy for company taxation

At the end of April, the Commission is inviting tax experts, national officials, and other stakeholders to debate its Communication on a strategy for a consolidated corporate tax base for companies operating in the EU.

Internal Market Council to focus on patents, the euro and Barcelona

The Consumer and Internal Market Council will on 1 March mainly focus on the community and software patents, consumer issues and the euro and preparations for the internal market discussions for the Barcelona Summit.

European Company Statute: no EP challenge to legal basis

The new President of the European Parliament, Pat Cox, has decided not to challenge the legal basis used to adopt the European Company Statute. The Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament had recommended to take the Council to Court on this matter, after its decision on 8 October to choose article 308 of the Treaty as the legal basis of this statute.

European Company Statute finally established

The long-awaited EU legislation on the European Company Statute was finally agreed by the Council on 8 October. The Commission considers that this legislation could lead to savings of 30 billion euro for European business.

European Company Statute: MEPs to challenge legal basis

The long-awaited EU legislation on the European Company Statute will get its second reading in the European Parliament on Monday 3 September. MEPs are expected to challenge the legal basis of the Commission's proposals and call for fiscal coordination to counter unfair tax discrimination.

Agreement on European Company Statute

EU Social Affairs ministers reach political agreement on the legislation for the European Company Statute
Industrial Policy 20-04-2000

Take-over directive unblocked by Gibraltar deal

The UK and Spain have reached a deal on the administrative status of Gibraltar.