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Digital & Media 04-11-2019

Time to intervene on behalf of innovation in Europe’s smart car market

After taking action to prevent anti-competitive practices by chipmakers, the European Commission should do the same in the smart car sector, writes Brian Scarpelli.
Competition 15-05-2019

Champions grow through competition

Instead of letting governments picking ‘champions’, the EU should strengthen the single market, invest more in innovation and “assertively” pursue fair and equal trade policies, argue Dutch ministers Eric Wiebes, Sigrid Kaag and Mona Keijzer.
Competition 25-03-2019

Europe needs to think in the long-term

The European Commission's opposition to the Alstom/Siemens merger belongs not in the 21C, but in last century's old economic mantras. The Commission doesn't seem to have fully taken the measure of how much our world has changed, writes Bernard Spitz.

Big fat Greek lignite sale burns EU climate policies

While other EU countries, such as Germany, announce plans for coal phase-out within the next 20 years in compliance with their Paris Agreement commitments, Greece’s future appears locked in carbon for decades to come, write Demetres Karavellas and Nikos Charalambides.
Data protection 30-04-2018

A European vision for human-centred digital platform ecosystems

Europe must continue to establish itself as the global regulator of digital technology serving Europeans and respond to growing pressure from online platforms, write Mariya Gabriel and Mounir Mahjoubi.
Trade & Society 19-09-2016

Vestager’s poisoned Apple

Kicking the big guy in the shins is always a popular political diversion – particularly when the big guy in question is an American multinational, writes Dick Roche.
Digital & Media 27-11-2014

Breaking up Google

Picking a fight at such a high level with Google would damage the reputation of the European Parliament, writes Kaja Kallas.
Margrethe Vestager at the Parliament hearing [European Parliament / Flickr]

Vestager needs to blaze a new trail in public communication

As the new Competition Commissioner settles into the role, she should take the opportunity of her arrival to clarify how the EU executive communicates on competition cases, write Alec Burnside and Anne MacGregor, since the issue has landed her predecessor in hot water.
Competition 23-04-2010

Competition policy: Help or hindrance to Europe’s economic recovery?

Competition policy is essential for sustainable growth and a pillar of economic recovery, while those who want to relax competition during the economic downturn or protect national markets and support inefficient national businesses are "wrong", said Joaquín Almunia, European Commissioner for Competition, at a European Policy Centre (EPC) briefing on 19 April. Extraordinary public support measures were introduced to help the EU through the crisis, but these are now gradually being reduced and markets will start to function normally again, writes the EPC in its report of the event.
Competition 24-11-2008

Is the Commission obstructing innovation and growth?

EU competition policy may constitute an "obstacle" to innovation and growth in the high-tech sector, writes Simon Tilford, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform (CER), in a November paper.
Competition 20-11-2007

The Microsoft case: competition law caught by politics

Seen by some as a political victory for the European Commission and by others as a barrier to innovation, the outcome of the Microsoft case has spread the competition debate beyond judicial and competition policy specialist circles, writes Claire Vanini in a paper for the Robert Schuman Foundation.
Competition 05-12-2006

From EU’s internal market to economic protectionism?

Although the internal market is at the core of the EU and although, especially for Germany, the advantages are undeniable, the internal market is often criticised. Dr Joachim Wuermeling, state secretary at the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology, highlights the achievements, dangers and current and future challenges. 
Competition 22-02-2002

The future of EU competition policy

The future of EU competition policycalls for a radical rethink of how competition policy is run. The author argues for a new ‘European Competition Agency’ to take the politics out of merger and anti-trust investigations. This body should co-operate more...