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Minimum wages across Europe require solidarity

Minimum wages increasingly appear as proper tools to fight cross-border social dumping, argues Klaus Heeger, despite objections that the EU has little or no competence on pay.

Andor: ‘Make room for more social inclusion measures with ESF funding’

Since Europe has more employment and social problems now than before the crisis, more social inclusion measures need to be supported by the European Social Fund (ESF), which should be given competences on financial engineering, said László Andor, EU commissioner for employment, social affairs and inclusion, in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV Slovakia.
Brexit 23-03-2011

UK leads attempts to find summit space for single market

The UK prime minister has led a nine-country coalition of member states seeking assurances that single market and enterprise reform will not be sidelined by eurozone issues at a Brussels summit later this week.
Euro & Finance 12-03-2011

EU leaders boost bailout fund, agree on euro pact

Eurozone leaders today (12 March) gave in to fresh demands from Brussels and Germany to sign up to a competitiveness pact that will prompt countries to further coordinate their economic policies, as a quid pro quo for increasing German-backed bailouts to rescue debt-laden countries.
Euro & Finance 01-03-2011

Delors backs competitiveness pact

A few weeks after France and Germany tabled proposals for a competitiveness pact among eurozone countries, Jacques Delors supported their political move and backed rewards for good budgetary behaviour.
Euro & Finance 28-02-2011

EU chiefs trump Franco-German competitiveness pact

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and his counterpart at the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, disbursed a paper outlining new competitiveness targets this weekend.
Euro & Finance 18-02-2011

European pacts: Time for an economic union

Germany's proposal for a 'competitiveness pact' opens a unique opportunity to forge a real economic, not just monetary union, says Maria João Rodrigues, an economic policy professor and special advisor to the EU institutions. But she also warns about risks of serious divisions which have started to emerge.
Future EU 17-02-2011

MEPs angered by ‘Franco-German approach’

European parliamentarians have reacted angrily to Franco-German plans to abandon the so-called 'Community method' and reform economic governance of the euro zone on an intergovernmental basis. EURACTIV.fr reports.

Competitiveness Pact: Lisbon Agenda II?

Franco-German plans for a 'Competitiveness Pact', which were put forward at the last EU summit, have been met with great scepticism. But done right, they could help address key areas of structural weaknesses, writes Ann Mettler, executive director and co-founder of the Lisbon Council, in a post for Blogactiv. 
Euro & Finance 10-02-2011

Merkel faces internal critics on ‘competitiveness pact’

By proposing a European Pact for Competitiveness at the last EU summit without first consulting the German Bundestag, Chancellor Angela Merkel may have broken a law that requires parliamentary involvement. EURACTIV Germany reports.