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Digital & Media 02-11-2015

Search engine CEO: EU start-ups won’t survive without fair competition

European digital companies can take on those in the United States and Asia, but only if there is fair competition for new market entrants with bigger firms, Gianpiero Lotito believes.
El?bieta Bie?kowska

Bie?kowska: ‘Our policies have to be overhauled’

SPECIAL REPORT: The Polish Commissioner responsible for industry is set to launch new proposals for an industrial strategy early next year. She tells EURACTIV that the new approach must be concrete and that the overriding aim must be to promote the competitiveness of European industry.

Dombrovskis: Euro crisis ‘is also a competitiveness crisis’

As Europe slowly climbs out of the economic crisis, the focus for the European Parliament elections campaign is jobs and growth, Valdis Dombrovskis says, adding that competitiveness is key and that Europe needs to catch up with the US and Japan in spending on innovation and science.

De Buck: EU budget weak on ‘competitiveness’

The EU has funded too many short-term projects that have little or no impact on the long-term competitiveness of Europe and it is high time to target EU spending on growth-led sectors, said BusinessEurope Director-General Philippe de Buck in an interview with EURACTIV.
Euro & Finance 13-09-2010

Analyst: Wage cuts key to restoring EU’s competitiveness

Zsolt Darvas, a research fellow at Bruegel, a think-tank, says wage hikes from the past five years should be "given back" in order to restore Europe's competitiveness.

ALDE chief: Lisbon Strategy musn’t fall victim to treaty crisis

The EU is running the risk of putting its growth and jobs efforts on the backburner over the rescue mission for the Lisbon Treaty, British MEP Graham Watson, the leader of the ALDE faction in the European Parliament, warned in an interview with EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 30-06-2008

MEP: Lisbon Agenda needs updating

Current challenges like climate change and the fuel and food crises call for an update of the Lisbon Agenda, Romanian MEP Daniel Daianu (ALDE) told EURACTIV in an interview.

Interview with Günter Verheugen, vice-president and commissioner for enterprise and industry

EURACTIV interviewed Commissioner Günter Verheugen on the relaunched Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs, REACH and industrial policy.