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Brexit 11-06-2009

Small Business Act: Unlocking SMEs’ potential?

In 2008, the EU adopted a US-style 'Small Business Act' for Europe to improve market conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises and boost the economy. However, SME groups continue to be critical of implementation at national level despite the European Commission highlighting progress by member states.
Digital & Media 08-06-2007


The Commission’s i2010 programme aims to promote convergence in information and communication technologies by 2010, an ambition that Brussels considers vital to the overall objective of boosting innovation and jobs.

CIP – Competitiveness and Innovation Programme 2007-2013

Stimulating the competitiveness of SMEs, fostering and promoting eco-innovation, energy efficiency and renewables, and accelerating the process leading to a fully-fledged information society are the objectives of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme 2007-2013.