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Global Europe 23-09-2021

US, Russian military chiefs meet in Helsinki for six hours

The top US military officers from United States and Russia held six hours of talks in Helsinki, in the first face-to-face meeting between them since 2019 as both nations adjust to the US pullout and Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.
Development Policy 12-09-2017

World Bank: More than reconstruction, post-conflict Syria will need development aid

The economic disorganisation of Syrian society, lost connectivity and destruction of business networks has an impact on GDP 20 times bigger than the destruction of buildings, World Bank officials have told EURACTIV.com.
Armenia 27-04-2016

In Nagorno-Karabakh, politicking ramps up as fighting draws down

In the coming weeks, the level of diplomatic activity on the Nagorno-Karabakh issue will continue to be higher than usual, writes Stratfor.
Development Policy 23-11-2015

How NGOs cooperate with local organisations on the ground in Syria

What are the best and most effective ways for international NGOs (non-government organisations) to partner with local organisations in conflict zones? Ensuring trust, writes Kimberly Howe.
Global Europe 15-10-2015

Myanmar signs limited truce with rebels, but fighting persists

Myanmar today (15 October) signed a limited ceasefire with eight ethnic minority armies, in a step towards ending decades of civil war but diminished by the refusal of several other rebel groups to join the deal.
Development Policy 01-09-2014

EU must develop ‘best supporting actor’ role in war zones

SPECIAL REPORT: The new European Commission needs to shift its focus from humanitarian aid in conflict zones to conflict prevention and intervene more as a ‘best supporting actor to the UN’, says a paper by the European Think Tanks Group published today (1 September).
Global Europe 09-05-2013

EU needs to rethink its policy in Western Sahara

Europe and the United States should worry that the conflict in the Western Sahara is souring relations between Morocco and Algeria, preventing them from working against Islamist violence and extremism, write Dustin Dehez, Alex MacKenzie and Daniel Novotny.
Global Europe 05-10-2012

EU urges Turkey to cool down on Syria

Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief, called on Turkey for restraint after its artillery slammed military targets in Syria in retaliation for a mortar attack that killed five people in the border town of Akçakale.
Global Europe 10-09-2012

EU ministers seek tougher sanctions on Syrian regime

EU foreign ministers seek to impose tougher sanctions on the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad as soon as next month, acknowledging that the actions taken so far have had little effect on the regime.
Global Europe 22-07-2010

Leaders tell Afghanistan to take control by 2014

Afghan forces should be leading security operations throughout their country by 2014, an international conference said on Tuesday (20 July), and they should be aiming to take over from foreign troops in some areas this year.
Med & South 09-06-2010

EU says situation in Georgia remains dangerous

Russia and Georgia held tense talks with EU mediation yesterday (8 June) on security and humanitarian issues unresolved since their 2008 war. The two sides differed over whether a new agreement is needed on the non-use of force.
Enlargement 25-05-2010

Bosnia tensions grow ahead of Balkan summit

Officials from Bosnia and Herzegovina have traded accusations with representatives of the international community, who have been helping to manage the country since the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement. The development came just days ahead of a Western Balkans summit in Sarajevo on 2 June, intended to reaffirm the region's EU membership prospects.
Enlargement 26-04-2010

EU wants to ‘militarily disengage’ from Bosnia

While NATO ministers last week agreed to half-open the door for Bosnia and Herzegovina to join the alliance, EU diplomats told EURACTIV that the European Union wanted to "militarily disengage" from the Balkan country, where it maintains numerous peace-keeping forces.
Enlargement 18-02-2009

Kosovo marks anniversary with Serbia warning

Tens of thousands of Kosovo Albanians celebrated the first anniversary of their declaration of independence yesterday (17 February), despite President Fatmir Sejdiu's warning that Serbia is still challenging its former province's secession.
Global Europe 19-01-2009

EU leaders promote ‘lasting peace’ for Gaza

The leaders of France, Britain, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic took part in a meeting in Egypt on Sunday (18 January), just as Israel initiated a unilateral ceasefire and Hamas declared its own week-long truce on the Gaza Strip.
Global Europe 05-01-2009

EU seeks Gaza role despite conflicting views

The Czech EU Presidency yesterday (4 January) admitted a blunder which seemingly legitimised the Israeli land offensive in the Palestinian territory of Gaza, at a time when other EU leaders condemned the escalation of violence and called for an immediate ceasefire.
Global Europe 03-10-2008

Russia seeks EU recognition of Georgia’s breakaway regions

Russian Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov has signalled that Moscow would make any progress on the EU's observation mission in Georgia conditional upon Europe offering international recognition to representatives of Georgia's breakaway regions.
Global Europe 16-09-2008

Foreign ministers agree details of Georgia mission

EU foreign affairs ministers agreed during a meeting in Brussels yesterday (15 September) to send 200 observers before 1 October to monitor the ceasefire in Georgia and appointed French Ambassador Pierre Morel as the bloc's special representative for Georgia.
Global Europe 08-09-2008

Sarkozy, Solana in Russia to clarify Georgia ceasefire

Accompanied by EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana and Commission President José Manuel Barroso, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is in Moscow today (8 September) before heading to Tbilisi this evening to discuss the implementation of the peace plan he brokered at the outbreak of the Russia-Georgia conflict a month ago.
Global Europe 05-09-2008

EU foreign ministers to launch Georgia mission

EU foreign ministers will meet today and tomorrow (5 and 6 September) in the French city of Avignon to launch a civilian monitoring mission in Georgia, as decided at the recent extraordinary EU summit. But such a mission's ability to control the entire territory of Georgia, including South Ossetia and Abkhazia, remains in doubt.
Global Europe 04-09-2008

MEPs squabble over Georgia resolution

The European Parliament yesterday (3 September) adopted a resolution condemning Russia's actions in Georgia and calling on it to withdraw its troops immediately. But the text triggered protests from Socialist MEPs who objected to wording considered too soft on Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, seen by many as responsible for triggering the crisis.
Med & South 01-09-2008

ALDE chief: Only the EU can be a peace broker in Georgia

The EU is in a unique position and now needs to follow up on its six-point ceasefire plan in the Georgia conflict, perhaps by setting up a task force, according to Graham Watson, the leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), speaking to EURACTIV in an interview.
Global Europe 01-09-2008

Summit to test Europe’s unity over Russia

European leaders will try to put on a united front during a summit in Brussels today (1 September) that will review the EU's relations with Moscow following the conflict in Georgia. But sanctions are off the agenda for now.
Global Europe 29-08-2008

Russia confident as EU split on sanctions

An EU ambassadors meeting ahead of the crisis summit convened by French President Nicolas Sarkozy on 1 September ended yesterday (28 August) without consensus on the level of sanctions to be applied against Russia following the Georgia conflict.